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Monday, August 15, 2011

Find Your Peace and Grow It

We want to remind you again, that all is well.  All is well.  All is Well.   (Related article: All is Well)

Relax in the assurance that all is well.  Nothing is out of control.  You are safe.  Anything that appears to be threatening, if indeed it is, can be neutralized in an instant.  (Related article: God Is In Control)

The "laws" of the physical world can be bent or broken to protect you.  Not by you, necessarily, but by those who watch over you. Again, don't go standing in front of an oncoming train to test this!  We don't cover for stupidity, just innocence.  And the more you stand in, live in Love, the more innocent you become, in the best sense of the word. 

Innocence is supremely disarming.  The innocence of the babe or young child is their greatest protection, and the same is true of you as an adult, in your "second innocence." 

Your simple Love, carried in your heart, and enveloping your being, creates a mighty shield around you.  Most evils won't even try to get past it. 

Why so mighty?  Because, as we have said before, Love is the most powerful force in the Universe.  The most beautiful, the most transforming, the most powerful.  Yet it is inherent within us all and intrinsic to your nature.  Even when that love seems to be nowhere evident in someone, it is there somewhere.  It has to be.   

For, where there is God, there is Love.  It cannot be other than this.  (Related article: Let There Be Love)

Be at Peace.  Be at peace with your circumstances, and at peace with yourself.  The core and center of your Peace is within you, deep inside.  Under all of the worries and cares of the day and of life, a deep peace dwells inside of you.  Find it, and you are halfway Home.  Between each breath, between each heartbeat, between each vagrant thought, Peace resides.  Peace prevails. 

Find that little kernel within you, and grow it, expand it until, like a flourishing vine, it overtakes and enwraps your life and your very being. 

All is Well.  Peace.  Breathe.  It is Good. 

We love you. 



  1. Anshul, thank you. Comments like yours make my day brighter.