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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Remember Who You Are

We are here today to offer a friendly reminder.  You are not the earthbound, physical, carbon-based creature you tend to think you are.  This is a heavy, clunky, costume you are wearing as a disguise.

The real you is "light as a feather," and would float away without a body to weigh you down, hold you in place in this dense sphere.

You are actually a Being of Light, Love, and Joy.  If you looked into a mirror and saw your real self, you might well be blinded by the brilliance reflected back into your earthly eyes.

This spark of who you really are lies deep inside you, waiting to be remembered, waiting for a little fuel to catch hold of, so it can start to grow, then burst into Divine Flame.

Does this sound at all familiar?

How do you provide such fuel?  First, by remembering your true basic nature, and nurturing it through your attention, your thoughts, the practice of your deeds.

Remembering comes first.  Remembering that you are not your body.  No one is.  You are inhabiting a body; it is your host while you play on this planet.  As such, your body is important.  It deserves respect and care, but more akin to the care you give a beloved automobile than anything else.  You love it, you appreciate it, care for it, but you never confuse your car with yourself! The same applies here.  You are not your body, but your body carries you where you want to go.

That is why judging people by some aspect of their body (model year, size, color, appearance, etc.) is so ridiculous and misguided.  You might do as well judging a businessman by the color of his tie on any given day.  But to make it "fair," be sure not to clue anyone in on which color tie to wear on which day!

Your physical appearance is fleeting at best.  Try as you might, change occurs over time here.  Cars rust.  No one stays young and beautiful forever.  What a silly thing to base your judgments on.

What a story this car could tell!

What matters is who you are inside, and how you are choosing to express the "Thatness" inside of you.  What are you allowing to come out to play?  What are you choosing to share with your fellow inmates in this asylum?

The more you nurture and share the Divine Flame within you, the brighter you shine, and the greater blessing you share with the world (and beyond.)

Love, Laughter, Appreciation, Joy.  These are the treasures to bring out and share.  And in sharing, you multiply them, in others and in yourself.

A friendly reminder.  Giving is receiving.  But you need to do both.  Receiving is also allowing someone else to give.  And that is a gift in itself.

Please honor us by accepting our gift of love this day.



  1. This is definitely interesting and really new to me. What/ Who is this Higher voice you are referring to? It gives me a feeling of peace and light...

  2. Melissa, this is a good question, but a hard one to answer simply. I have actually had access to intuitive information back into my teens, if not before. I was told many years ago not to bother asking for names, that I actually have a group who works with me, and that It might be someone different every time who responded, because the choice would depend on who was the best for that particular need or subject.

    On the other hand, in my spiritual adventures, I have met and become acquainted with a number of individual entities with names. Many of them, I now recognize by their energy signature (if I am paying attention). Many of them are old and dear friends.

    I hesitate to name drop because it might sound like bragging, or worse. Some of them, I met and conversed with, and only later realized who they were. They probably prefer it that way, so I can take them at face value and not get into awe or intimidation. Sananda/Jesus has already popped in here, though, so I will mention him. I am being encouraged to also mention that I know and have worked with several Archangels including Michael and Metatron.

    And I cannot fail to mention the wise and wonderful Black Dragon, who has been a good friend and enormous help to me. He has a wonderful talent for setting my thinking straight with one pithy sentence. And he is enormously kind, but at the same time, you don't want to anger him! He has a strong sense of right and wrong, and he will enforce it. He likes Bach, ragtime music, and ballroom dancing. He has an amazing sense of humor, and can make me laugh like no one else. I couldn't make this stuff up.

    I know when I have connected with them, because I, too, get an amazing feeling like the one you describe when it happens. That alone makes the work worthwhile!

    I recently read "Divine Revelations" by Dr. Susan Shumsky. She offers a set of test questions to determine if your source of information or revelation is divine or not. It was about 36 years too late (!) but I took it out of interest and my sources passed 100%.

    That's the story. I hope it helps. Thanks for asking. I think I'll edit this and post it as a separate information page.

  3. Orea..your analogy to a vehicle is brilliant. Brings the clarity through in your writings and with the visual...it is something we will remember. You are right we are a "Spiritual Being having a Physical Experience"...Your interpretation of the Spirit Within..needing to show itself is spot on. ...to be all it can be and live life to the fullest..remembering what is important. Beautifully said...love your photo's, adding that visual to the written word. I see Aura's...the colour and light of the human being, animal, plant and flower is other worldly...

  4. Thank you, Raven and Subtle. :-)

  5. Wow... "What are you choosing to share with your fellow inmates in this asylum?" <<< that is the most profound question I have read in quite sometime. You are absolutely correct in your statements in this post. I enjoyed this very much and am now a follower.

  6. I liked the idea of THATNESS in a person, outer beauty is of no use...real magic is inside of all of us.Thanks for sharing.

  7. Thank you, Jen. I find that thinking of this world as an asylum makes it work better for me, somehow. I think it makes me more forgiving to realize we re all kind of crazy here.

    Sulekkha, what can I say but, yes. It's amazing what we can find when we remember to look inside instead of judging by, or being satisfied by, the shallow exterior.

    Thank you both for your great comments.

  8. Thanks for posting how do you make a living?

  9. Thanks for stopping by and commenting, Amanda Jennifer. :-)