Welcome! I'm glad you found your way here. Spirit guides and ascended masters have been teaching me for over 25 years. It has been an educational, joyous and fulfilling journey. It's time to share it with you.

I am not doing this for fame or financial gain. My aim is solely to serve humanity and the Divine by listening, writing it down, and making it available to guide and inspire you. That is the sum total of my calling and my ambition.

I think there are people who need this. If you like what you see, please spread the word. If you find something you want to share, post a small portion and a link to the blog page from which it came. The URL for the article will pop up in your navigation bar when you click on the title. Cut and paste as needed. Spreading the word is the very best way to thank me and my sources.

There is enough material here to give you a lot to ponder; most of it is timeless. I encourage you to dig into the archives and see what speaks to you today.

Thank you for coming by. Know that the moment you made contact here, love and blessings have started flowing your way, from me, and from my many contacts. Even if you cannot hear them, they can hear you, so speak to them freely and know you are heard and understood. You never know, you just might get a reply!

Friday, February 5, 2016

A Message for Humanity

Greetings. We have a message for you to share with humanity. This may be distributed at will. We ask that this web address, www.highervoice.info, be included when you share, that others may receive updates.

What is the status of your world? Better than you might think.

Ugliness, hatred, and other putrescence have come to light. More will follow. Realize, please, that this is a necessary step for the healing of these pockets of infection. That which remains hidden cannot be acknowledged or addressed. This is the first step toward cleansing erroneous attitudes and allowing them to revert to God-love.

We say "revert" because God-love is the basis, the foundation, the framework of All That Is. Any deviation from this is a form of error. You see? And when these pockets are exposed to the Light, it is only a matter of time until they dissolve away, leaving nothing behind but God's Light and God's Truth.

It is not a fast process in every case, but it is inevitable. Know this. Just as "all roads lead to Rome," all situations and conditions must lead to God. For, in truth, God is the only destination there is.

God is the only destination there is.

Do what you feel you need to do about the earthly situations that trouble you, but do it lovingly, and in the knowledge that you - and All - cannot fail. Goodness and righteousness will prevail. There is no other way.

Be at peace in your hearts, Beloveds. Truly, All is Well.


Monday, November 23, 2015

The Wondrous Gift of Joy

"Never miss a joy in this world of trouble ... that's my theory! ... Happiness, like mercy, is twice blest: it blesses those most intimately associated with it and it blesses all those who see it, hear it, touch it or breathe the same atmosphere."
-- Kate Douglas Wiggin

Monday, September 21, 2015

On The Building of Character - Helen Douglas

"Character isn't inherited. One builds it daily by the way one thinks and acts, thought by thought, action by action. If one lets fear or hate or anger take possession of the mind, they become self-forged chains."

-- Helen Douglas

Friday, September 18, 2015

A Message from the Heavenly Host

Hello. We are here. The Heavenly Host. 
You can see how many of us there are. We are, indeed, a multitude. We work together, we praise together, we move together as one mind, and many. 
Our joy is in the Lord, and in serving and promoting the Divine Ideal. It is our joy, it is our life, it is the work that makes our souls - and us - sing aloud. 
It is our joy, now, to be gathered around your small planet en masse, to love, uphold, and support you as you crescendo into a new way of being and understanding. 
This is a graduation of sorts, but it is also like being in labor. You are in the midst of a process, not unlike labor, that must be seen through. It cannot and indeed must not be interrupted until the task is completed. You might say this "labor" is your graduation exercise. We are, perhaps, your doulas. Your rebirth will take place on its own, without a midwife. 
Fruition is at hand. No bells and whistles, but a simple step forward. It will not be taken in unison, but many will move forward more or less together. 
We are here as guides, supporters, cheerleaders, and lovers. We are, and will be, infusing our love and the Lord's into every hidden recess of this place in which you are living. 
And we sing in joyous praise of the marvel of Creation. We invite you to join us in this song of joy. We invite you to celebrate the beauty and the miracles that abound, everywhere. 
Otherwise, just know that we are here, near to hand, ready to serve you and our Master. 
Blessings and Joy to you! 

Saturday, September 12, 2015

On Finding the Balance, Physical and Spiritual

Any messages today?

Keep your self earthbound, but only with light ties.

Yes, thank you.

Keep your treasures in Heaven. Jesus spoke about this often. Why? Because it was an important reminder, then as now, not to get caught up in the trappings of the physical world. They are temporal at best, and cannot give lasting joy and satisfaction.

Do not ignore the physical, but do not become obsessed with things of that realm. Your true and lasting happiness, and your long-term fulfillment lie elsewhere. What brings you the satisfaction you need is growing and expressing the love in your heart.

There are many ways you can do this. For example, beholding, within your deepest self, the sublime beauty, the sacred light within another. It is there, always, waiting to peek out at you when you take the time to look for it. Even they may not know it is there. They may have no idea how to express such an aspect of themselves.

Your simple act of beholding them in their transcendent beauty is a gift that will effect a small change on them for eternity, because it will feed their inner hunger, the empty feeling of their soul that longs to be loved, and appreciated. We do not overstate when we say this moment makes a permanent mark on their soul. All moments of Love and Divine Recognition do. All of these things feed the growth and beauty of your souls. And Love is always, always Eternal. We have touched on this before.

Beyond this, there are myriad ways to spread kindness and love to your fellow beings. You know many of them, and as you set your mind to finding more, many more possibilities will present themselves to you. Choose the ones you like best.

But we need to caution you not to go overboard. Know and respect your human limitations. There is no need to injure yourself or martyr your self for this cause. You deserve loving care and kindness, too.

This is enough for you to think on for a while. The only lasting satisfaction and joy is in this realm of Divine Recognition, Love, and Kindness.

We love and bless you this day, and behold the beauty of your soul. See how that works? We do it, too!


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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Ready to Expand Your Horizons?

Do you trust yourself to reach out and interface with The Great Unknown? Are you willing to take the chance on the unfamiliar and unexpected?

Not everyone is, and this is emphatically not a part of everyone's Life Plan. But if the prospect of broadening your horizons on a dramatic scale appeals to you, then consider stepping down this path and seeing where it leads you.

Everyone has higher beings looking over them as they move through life. Everyone receives communications from them, though usually on a very subtle level, generally interpreted as hunches, insights, or sudden ideas or inspirations. Or even inclinations.

Often, no one thinks to look deeper at these things to inquire about their nature and from whence the come. Maybe you are someone who should consider doing so.

You may have been onstage for so long that you have forgotten what is backstage, or that there is a backstage at all.

Are you ready to remember? Are you ready to embrace the bigger picture, and the greater you who lives therein? Are you ready to reconnect with old friends whose existence you have temporarily forgotten?

This is what Orea does, and we are here to tell you now that you can, too.

Become aware of thoughts and hunches that arrive with the subtlety of a quiet breeze. Give them your attention and respect, and a quiet, if temporary credence. All we are asking for is an open mind, not blind faith or gullibility.

You see, what you get can and should pass a reality test in your reality. It is up to you to examine these random thoughts and see if they make sense. Seek to verify in cases where verification is possible. This is not doable in all cases.

The goal is to move, in time, to a place where you learn to recognize, accept, and trust the thoughts and images you get, and the energies that accompany them. You may start to recognize some of these energies. In time, some of them will become familiar. You may eventually find you have a name associated with some of them.

For, you see, each entity (and we use this word in the broadest possible sense) has its own unique energy pattern or signature. It will feel different from any other.

These are the tools of your exploration. With time, application, and a lot of patience with, and belief in yourself, you too can be sensing, feeling, "hearing," and possibly seeing far more than you ever dreamed possible.

You have many friends and colleagues waiting eagerly to reconnect with you and assist you in every way they can.

Ready? Get set. Go!

You can do this, or we wouldn't be discussing it now. Times are changing. The interface is becoming clearer and lighter. It has never been easier to do this than it is right now. And this will only continue.

Approach it lightly and with an open sense of fun. Because it is fun, and it is rewarding, and it needn't be a burden or a chore.

We speak for all who love you when we say we look forward to meeting you and renewing our acquaintance and friendship. We welcome you back.

Love and blessings to you.


"Prayer is listening to God."
- Thomas Merton

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Sunday, September 6, 2015

Time to Unlearn the Basics

You have been living in an abusive environment virtually since the moment you arrived. we don't mean abuse in the more traditional, commonly used sense. We are referring to the systematic and unrelenting misinformation that has been drilled into your head from early childhood on.

You don't even know the extent to which you have been conditioned to believe these falsehoods. You see, it's all about you. Not everyone has been taught everything we are about to mention, but we feel safe in saying that everyone has been taught at least some of it.

  • You have been taught that you are your body, or your body is you. 
  • You have been taught that this physical world in which you are living is the full extent of Reality. 
  • You have been taught that only the immediately tangible matters. 
  • Many of you have been taught to fear God, or to disbelieve such things completely, because science and only science can establish what is real and true. 
  • You may have been taught to discount and disparage those whose lifestyle or world view differs from yours. 
  • Many of you have been taught to hate or fear strangers, particularly those who look or act different from you. They should be treated with suspicion and reserve at the very least, if not disdain and more. And often you have been taught to fault or blame them unfairly. 
  • You have been taught, you see, that you are a separate entity unto yourself. The underlying universal connection we see so obviously is ignored or denied. 
  • You have been taught that you are fragile, weak, vulnerable, flawed, and even wicked by nature. 
  • You are taught not to think or speak well of yourself. 
  • On the other hand, you may not have been taught a true and healthy humility, based on the understanding that your current knowledge and understanding is far from complete. You don't have the entire picture from your vantage point on this lovely and very educational planet. 
  • You are not taught, generally, that there is more to you than meets the eye. There is more to you than the being you are, currently and temporarily occupying the flesh-and-blood body. You have not been taught that there is a far greater you, and that you can learn to access this being as needed, and at will. 
Do you see what we are getting at? You have been made to believe that you are a small, ineffective, inadequate, and basically flawed piece of work whose very basic wants and needs, and very nature, are suspect at the least, if not intrinsically weak, corrupt, and downright evil in nature. 

This is so wrong, Beloveds. So Wrong! How can you hope to grow and thrive and access and develop into the beautiful, loving, healthy and accomplished human being you are truly capable of achieving, when you have been taught from the start that you are unworthy, flawed, and essentially undeserving of Good? 

How can you thrive and approach life with openness and zest when you have been taught that danger lurks around every corner? Taught to fear, taught to eschew "temptations" that lead to "sin?" Taught to judge, rather than accept and love, as is? 

You have a lot of unlearning to do, Beloveds, but the task is not impossible. 
  • Because you are a magnificent and complete creature. 
  • Because, on some level, you know the Truth about yourself. 
  • Because when you open your heart and let Love in, all of these untruths will begin to melt away. 
You can learn to heal, and you can relearn the Truth about yourself, your identity, and your true nature. You are surrounded, always, by those who would take great joy in helping you remember. 

We are just a few of them. 

Think on this. 


Saturday, September 5, 2015

Let Your Life Become Your Song

Let your life become your song, the song of your soul.

Let your soul blossom in Joy, Divine Love and Joy.

Open up to the love and beauty around you. Notice and respond to it.

This is the way you will flourish and grow. This is the way you will thrive.

Open up, stretch your soul. Luxuriate in the Love and Beauty all around you.

This is your rightful place, your Home away from Home.

It is the closest you can get while still incarnate on this planet.


We love you, this day and always.


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Friday, September 4, 2015

Be Yourself - Emerson, Hammarskjold

"To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment."

- Ralph Waldo Emerson

"What you must dare is to be yourself."
- Dag Hammarskjold

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Thursday, September 3, 2015

The Sanctified Hallelujah

The Hallelujah state of mind is a form of sanctification of your life process. The Hallelujah Attitude, as we shall call it, is one of appreciation, joy, and celebration. We have touched on this before, and more than once, but we return again because this is such an important, nay crucial, topic.

This is such a powerful tool, yet it is free, save for the minor effort you make to accomplish it. We think it is so easy that many, if not most of you underestimate its power and utility.

The universe is a joyous and joy-filled place. And the road to All Good Things is paved with joy. Joy, Love, Appreciation, and Celebration are the stuff of which that which you call Heaven is made. If you want to construct a personal, or even a general Heaven on Earth, this is the stuff you need to do so.

The Hallelujah Attitude is the equivalent of your duct tape: it's good for everything! Illness, turns of fortune, the thing you call "luck," personal relationships, job situations, it's all covered here.

No matter where and who you are, you are surrounded by everyday miracles just begging to be recognized, enjoyed, and celebrated. Choose one and start! See what happens next. Anticipate that with joy, too. And watch your world transform.

We love and honor you for taking this wild life safari.