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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Ready to Expand Your Horizons?

Do you trust yourself to reach out and interface with The Great Unknown? Are you willing to take the chance on the unfamiliar and unexpected?

Not everyone is, and this is emphatically not a part of everyone's Life Plan. But if the prospect of broadening your horizons on a dramatic scale appeals to you, then consider stepping down this path and seeing where it leads you.

Everyone has higher beings looking over them as they move through life. Everyone receives communications from them, though usually on a very subtle level, generally interpreted as hunches, insights, or sudden ideas or inspirations. Or even inclinations.

Often, no one thinks to look deeper at these things to inquire about their nature and from whence the come. Maybe you are someone who should consider doing so.

You may have been onstage for so long that you have forgotten what is backstage, or that there is a backstage at all.

Are you ready to remember? Are you ready to embrace the bigger picture, and the greater you who lives therein? Are you ready to reconnect with old friends whose existence you have temporarily forgotten?

This is what Orea does, and we are here to tell you now that you can, too.

Become aware of thoughts and hunches that arrive with the subtlety of a quiet breeze. Give them your attention and respect, and a quiet, if temporary credence. All we are asking for is an open mind, not blind faith or gullibility.

You see, what you get can and should pass a reality test in your reality. It is up to you to examine these random thoughts and see if they make sense. Seek to verify in cases where verification is possible. This is not doable in all cases.

The goal is to move, in time, to a place where you learn to recognize, accept, and trust the thoughts and images you get, and the energies that accompany them. You may start to recognize some of these energies. In time, some of them will become familiar. You may eventually find you have a name associated with some of them.

For, you see, each entity (and we use this word in the broadest possible sense) has its own unique energy pattern or signature. It will feel different from any other.

These are the tools of your exploration. With time, application, and a lot of patience with, and belief in yourself, you too can be sensing, feeling, "hearing," and possibly seeing far more than you ever dreamed possible.

You have many friends and colleagues waiting eagerly to reconnect with you and assist you in every way they can.

Ready? Get set. Go!

You can do this, or we wouldn't be discussing it now. Times are changing. The interface is becoming clearer and lighter. It has never been easier to do this than it is right now. And this will only continue.

Approach it lightly and with an open sense of fun. Because it is fun, and it is rewarding, and it needn't be a burden or a chore.

We speak for all who love you when we say we look forward to meeting you and renewing our acquaintance and friendship. We welcome you back.

Love and blessings to you.


"Prayer is listening to God."
- Thomas Merton

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