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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Ode to the Sun

What is the sun?  Is it what you think it is?  No, not really.

It, like the rest of your world, is an illusion.  It has a reason and a purpose for being, and for being there, far beyond photosynthesis and the like.

Your sun is a nurturer.  Your sun is the most obvious source of energy to run your planet.  Yet, your sun is not a thing any more than you are.  Your sun has a consciousness, thoughts, desires, just as you do.

Your sun made a commitment to do this job for you for however long it would take to get that job done.

Wow, indeed.  That boggles the mind, doesn't it, knowing how long it has been there already.  With no vacations!

What could motivate a commitment like that, except for love?

Yes, even the Sun loves you dearly.

We like to say that every day is a gift, but this gives it new meaning, doesn't it?  Each day is a gift of love from the Sun, who had chosen to stay on the job a little bit longer.

Don't take this for granted.  Don't let this gift go unrecognized or unappreciated.  Thank the Sun today and every day for making the earthly you possible, for making this remarkable planet and all of its beauties run like clockwork.  The more you think about it, the more vast you will realize the extent of this gift is. 

The Sun loves you.  The Sun cares about you and your wellbeing.  The Sun wants to help you, and has the capacity to do so.

Your so-called primitive peoples realized this and incorporated this knowledge into their religion and culture.  You scientific types cast it out as garbage.  So, who is really primitive and misguided?  Hmmm? 

Love the Sun.  Thank the Sun.  Take nothing for granted.  It's all a Divine Gift.

Try to be worthy of it.  Don't waste this opportunity.

Enjoy your life, appreciate its intricacies, and share the love.  Pay it forward.

We love and bless you this day.



  1. I love your choice of Topic Orea...and your perspective on the sun. We do take it for granted..and yet it is essential to life and plain old well being. I personnaly do love the sun. I crave it's warmth after a long cold winter..I love the feel of the morning sun, sitting on my deck drinking my coffee..or the hue it gives to my flowers and the shadows it throws at the end of the day. Your photo's are beautiful...enhancing this "Ode to the Sun"...Always...

  2. I have to admit, I have been taking the sun and a lot of other things for granted. We are so blessed by these things that seem so simple, but really aren't simple at all. I'm going to try to see with new eyes and a new appreciation.

    I'm glad you like the graphics. I always try to pick something with the right energy quotient. It isn't always easy, but this one, with such a wonderful subject, was a pleasure.

  3. Never really thought of the sun in the manner that you described in this post but it certainly makes sense. I just looked upon the sun as being an orb in the sky that provided heat and lit up earth but it's much more than that as is everything in the universe.

    Gotta admit I'm not a huge fan of the sun at this moment as I'm cooking like a lobster in the sweltering heat. I love to feel the sun when it's very cold outside and it seems that the sun's beam is focused solely upon me...all of it's energy is mine and mine alone as I soak it in. Great post :)

  4. You know, David, I think at that moment, somehow it really is all yours. I don't know how that would work and yet, it feels right.

    And isn't it funny how when we don't have it, we want it, and when we have it, we don't. Ah, the perversity of human nature. LOL (But I do relate. I'm not a big fan of parboiling, myself.)