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Friday, June 3, 2011

Choose Your Friends Carefully

Choose your friends carefully, the ones you spend your time with, with your guard down.  When you get together in a group, large or small, you are bathing in each others' energy.  You are absorbing it along with  each others' attitudes and thought processes.  It affects you even though you don't mean to be, and aren't trying to be affected. 

Why? Because the tendency of mixed energies is to come into alignment with each other.  It is a natural process of sliding into attunement, and it goes beyond the mere psychological.  It is close to a physical change, but on a very fine energetic level.

Unless one of you carries a very strong and stable energy signature, powerful enough to dominate, the result will likely be a blend where "majority rules."  So be careful what kind of majority you associate with.  Be careful what you bathe in, because you will absorb it.

Have you noticed how you feel, act, and even start to think differently depending on who you are with?  Many people have a number of personalities and behaviors they wear depending on the situation and the company.  It's kind of like changing your clothes for a party or a touch football game.

You may find yourself laughing at a joke you wouldn't ordinarily find funny.  You may find yourself nodding in agreement to negative pronouncements about some group or other, or at least failing to disagree even though maybe you do.  (Example: A group of women having drinks together and bashing men.)

Part of it, but not all of it is peer pressure, but part is their group energy effect on you. If you hang around them enough, you may actually start to believe whatever the prevailing line of patter is.  And that can lead you places you don't want to go.  Mob behavior is an extreme example.  People get drawn into criminal activities that they would never contemplate on their own.

Think about what you want to become more of, and choose your friends accordingly.  Some of the ones you have may not become you.

Isn't that an interesting phrase?  Become you.  You want to become what becomes you.  You want to choose the associates and groups that will best become you, so that you may become the best "you" that you can be.

You want to choose your reading material and entertainment likewise.  More on this later.

We'll say it again:  Think about what you want to become, and where you want to go, and with that in mind, make your choices harmonize with your vision.

You are loved far more than you can comprehend.  Bathe in that for a while now, and whenever you like, for it is always there for you, in quantity.

We offer you our heartfelt love and blessings.



  1. Our friends influence so many aspects of our life's and we must be careful who is permitted into the lair. Personally I'm pretty guarded and only a select few are allowed inside, folks seem to want to undermine others actions and I have no time for that. I know who I want to become and with a select few beside me I will reach that goal :)


  2. I can relate, David.

    The recently minted word "frenemy" says a lot about the double sided nature of some so-called friendships. I have no time for those games, either.

    I have ended some friendships when the other person did not behave as a friend should. This isn't as judgmental as it sounds. If you hit on my husband, you aren't a friend. (That was a guy, by the way.) If I support you through a number of dramas, and you respond to my eventual request for support with. "I'm on my way to the gym, I'll call you back," and you never do, you aren't a real friend in my estimation. There has to be a balance in give and take.

    I'd rather have a few good friends, than a bunch of ill-fitting acquaintances.