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Sunday, September 6, 2015

Time to Unlearn the Basics

You have been living in an abusive environment virtually since the moment you arrived. we don't mean abuse in the more traditional, commonly used sense. We are referring to the systematic and unrelenting misinformation that has been drilled into your head from early childhood on.

You don't even know the extent to which you have been conditioned to believe these falsehoods. You see, it's all about you. Not everyone has been taught everything we are about to mention, but we feel safe in saying that everyone has been taught at least some of it.

  • You have been taught that you are your body, or your body is you. 
  • You have been taught that this physical world in which you are living is the full extent of Reality. 
  • You have been taught that only the immediately tangible matters. 
  • Many of you have been taught to fear God, or to disbelieve such things completely, because science and only science can establish what is real and true. 
  • You may have been taught to discount and disparage those whose lifestyle or world view differs from yours. 
  • Many of you have been taught to hate or fear strangers, particularly those who look or act different from you. They should be treated with suspicion and reserve at the very least, if not disdain and more. And often you have been taught to fault or blame them unfairly. 
  • You have been taught, you see, that you are a separate entity unto yourself. The underlying universal connection we see so obviously is ignored or denied. 
  • You have been taught that you are fragile, weak, vulnerable, flawed, and even wicked by nature. 
  • You are taught not to think or speak well of yourself. 
  • On the other hand, you may not have been taught a true and healthy humility, based on the understanding that your current knowledge and understanding is far from complete. You don't have the entire picture from your vantage point on this lovely and very educational planet. 
  • You are not taught, generally, that there is more to you than meets the eye. There is more to you than the being you are, currently and temporarily occupying the flesh-and-blood body. You have not been taught that there is a far greater you, and that you can learn to access this being as needed, and at will. 
Do you see what we are getting at? You have been made to believe that you are a small, ineffective, inadequate, and basically flawed piece of work whose very basic wants and needs, and very nature, are suspect at the least, if not intrinsically weak, corrupt, and downright evil in nature. 

This is so wrong, Beloveds. So Wrong! How can you hope to grow and thrive and access and develop into the beautiful, loving, healthy and accomplished human being you are truly capable of achieving, when you have been taught from the start that you are unworthy, flawed, and essentially undeserving of Good? 

How can you thrive and approach life with openness and zest when you have been taught that danger lurks around every corner? Taught to fear, taught to eschew "temptations" that lead to "sin?" Taught to judge, rather than accept and love, as is? 

You have a lot of unlearning to do, Beloveds, but the task is not impossible. 
  • Because you are a magnificent and complete creature. 
  • Because, on some level, you know the Truth about yourself. 
  • Because when you open your heart and let Love in, all of these untruths will begin to melt away. 
You can learn to heal, and you can relearn the Truth about yourself, your identity, and your true nature. You are surrounded, always, by those who would take great joy in helping you remember. 

We are just a few of them. 

Think on this. 


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