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Saturday, April 2, 2011

All is Well, A Message From God

I found this in my archives, and it seems more appropriate than ever.

All is Well. That is the thought to hold onto. All is Well. Comforting, isn’t it? All is Well.

When the world – your world – appears to be crumbling, hold onto this knowledge, given to you by me. There is a solution. There always is. There is a solution, and it is a good one.

When things are chaotic, your well-ordered life is in pieces despite your best efforts, all is well. A new pattern is forming. This is the “demolition” period that precedes reconstruction. It’s the mess in the kitchen that precedes a wonderful meal.

The Universe (that would be me, and a host of assistants) has decreed that it is time for something new in your life. The old no longer serves a purpose for you, no longer suffices. (This would be from our point of view, not from yours!) It is time to move on. Sometimes a person won’t move out of a beloved house until it falls down around them. It’s not the ideal situation, but if hints and inner prodding won’t do, if gentle outer motivation and indicators don’t do it, stronger measures will occur. Because the wheels of progress, the forward movement of the Universe, cannot be stopped. On this plane, as we have said, it is set to move slowly, but move, it does. Inexorably.

So – we need to de-create to re-create. It’s all part of a positive process. Change is stressful by its very nature. Good change, “bad” change, all stressful. The major stress is the fear attached: Fear of disaster, fear of the unknown. Fear you won’t be up to the challenge. Fear tries to stop the wheel of progress. Fear holds on with its fingernails and resists with all its might. Fear digs in its heels and refuses to budge. Fear hurts you, because resistance hurts you. It’s an uneven tug-of-war, and you WILL lose.

Best to lay down your arms. Best to relax and remember that your future is in the hand of one who loves you. Best to remember that nothing will be asked of you that you cannot give, provided that you give in gracefully as you can, and work with the process instead of against it.

At some points, all you can do may be to accept “All is Well” as your mantra for the day put one foot in front of the other, and do the next thing that needs doing. All is Well. All is Well. All is Well.

All is Well, and that is enough.


  1. So true, Orea. Have some friends who know about this first hand. They were running a business close by and they were constantly getting signs to move on. They continually ignored them, plodding on instead. Finally the universe said:
    Alright! You're NOT heeding my advice and the business was taken away from them. It was devastating to many people, but ya know what? my friends are in SUCH a BETTER place now then they EVER were when they were running their business. There are always blessings in every unblessed experience. You just have to look for them.

    Be Happy! Be Well! Be Positive!

  2. Thank you, Christopher. it's so true, and yet I know from experience how terrifying these things can be. Even knowing what I know, and with the support I have, I was petrified.

    I was so scared, I wanted to die so I wouldn't have to face it. And my body did its best to accommodate me. That's Manifestation and the Law of Attraction, all right, but not the ideal way to use them. ;-)