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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Confetti Complex, Horticulture & Elephants

Well, that's what I get for saying my daughter's right brain topics were doozies.  This week, my right brain came up with one that made hers look normal.  I was certain what I got was way off base.  I even went back and checked the next day to see if it was still right.  And (sigh) it was.

Even after I journeyed on it, I waited a few days to reread what I jotted down to see if it made any sense whatsoever.  And it seems to, surprisingly enough, despite the fact that I just realized I did the journey on April Fools Day.

Hmmm...do you think they'd do that?  Oh, yes, it's possible.  I was the victim of a long term practical joke by a family friend spirit we knew, back in my teens.   I didn't "get" it until many years later.  So, it's possible.  (Remind me some time to tell you about "The Marzipan Poltergeist".) 

April 1, 2011

Topic: Confetti Complex, Horticulture and Elephants

Confetti = The pieces of our lives, scattered, messy, seemingly random, blown by the wind.   And yet, like a pointilistic painting, when you step back to take a look, a picture does emerge.  It does make sense, after all.

Sometimes, standing in the hail of confetti, unable to see very far, we can feel lost and overwhelmed.  Do not berate yourself for that.  Be still, then, and know that you are exactly where you need to be, at that moment.  Be still, and let it all swirl around you, you being at its center, quiet, calm, immovable, centered in the essence that is you.

Q:  What does that mean?  How do you do this?
A:  It means remembering that you have divine origins.  Remembering that you are far more than you appear.  Grabbing hold of this knowledge and hanging on, knowing the storm will abate and you will still be here. It cannot be otherwise.

Answers will be found.  The way will become clear.  And you will move on.

Now, as for the word, "complex."  It can have several meanings.  A complex can be a building, or a set of buildings.  Complex can mean a related set of substances.  Complex can mean many-parted, or complicated, or difficult.

All of these apply to you, confetti-person!  You are a building, and your building is many-parted.  Your parts all work together in a related way, to make up the whole of you.  And the way they all work together is...complex, intricate, and the balance of form and function would appear difficult.

You, my dear body-inhabiting person, are a Confetti Complex.  (smile)  Many, many pieces, always in movement, flying and dancing around in Light and Space, and this Dance is You.  Amazing, isn't it.  Pieces of Light, particles of energy working independently and together, with the ultimate goal of being...you.

Take a moment to think about it.  Remarkable, isn't it.  And it is a long-term project, for you have been you a long time, or you wouldn't be here reading this now.  It takes a long time for a soul to mature to this level of existence.  Being here now is quite an accomplishment.

Now, let's take what little we know about plants, their needs and care, and apply it to ourselves, shall we?  We know that plants can survive on their own, but that they do better with care, tender loving care.  They do better when their basic needs are met.  And so do you.  Your needs, as with those of the plant, need to be respected.  Your needs, when provided, provide you with the opportunity to thrive, to be happy, to grow.   The wild jungle is a beautiful thing, as is the well-tended garden. The same variety is true for people.  One person's need is not another's.  Your -- and their -- uniqueness needs to be respected.  Treating you identically would do neither a service.  In fact, it would be doing both of you a disservice.

For, just as different plant varieties need different conditions in which to thrive, so do you.  And only you , and those who know you best, know what these are. And only your innermost soul, and God, have an idea what form of bloom, what shape and stature you will become at maturity.  For that matter, how long "maturity" will take.

Different things take different amounts of time for different people, and one is not better than another.  Faster is not better than slower.  What is best, is following the Divine Timeline that is uniquely yours.

Q: And elephants? Where do they come in?
A: Ah, the elephants.  That got you curious, didn't it?  (Yes.)

The elephant is a reminder.  (Get it, elephants are famous for their memory?)  The elephant is a reminder for you to be who you are, to remember your divinity, to not rush to your destination.  Not that you know what your next destination is.

The elephant is a reminder to put one foot in front of the other, at a speed that you find comfortable, to be where you are and what you are and know that this is right and good.  The elephant's power lies in these things.  The elephant knows himself.  The elephant is very grounded.

Get in touch with your inner elephant and learn from him.

Thank you for stopping by.


1 comment:

  1. WOW, Orea!
    This is an AMAZING posting. Everything here resonates on so many levels for me:
    --The Right Brain Thing reminded me of a book I recently read that I recommend to everyone now:
    A Whole New Mind
    by Daniel Pink
    Check it out if you haven't read it yet.

    --Different things take different amounts of time.
    That is SO true. Everyone will eventually find their way. The biggest thing to remember is NOT to rush as you said.

    All the words you used as the title of this entry wrapped up nicely. I like when everything comes together in the end, because EVERYTHING does come together in the end.

    Good stuff here, Orea!

    Be Happy! Be Well! Be Positive!

    --Love that you symbolized our lives as confetti. I can see that so clearly. When you wrote:
    Be Still...
    Only one thing came to mind. The ending to that statement for me is ...and know that I am God. But that's just where my mind is now that I'm on this spiritual path. I can certainly tell that we are both on the same page here. Orea. We hold the same truths.