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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Find Ways To Be Happy

Find ways to be happy.  If one way doesn't work, or stops working, find another.  Use your ingenuity. 

Life is full of change.  The nature of life - and nature! - is change.  Don't expect yesterday's answers to work tomorrow, much less next year.  You need to change with the times and the circumstances.  If you try to fight the wheel of time, you will be ground to dust like grist in the mill. 

The needs of a young man in his 20's are far different from his needs ten or twenty years hence.  This is where rigidity works against you and flexibility, the willingness to change, serves you well. 

Are you happy now?  Why, or why not?  What can you do to make it better?  There are things you can easily change, and things you cannot.  What are you ready to let go of, to release, so that you can move on less encumbered?  Possessions?  Habits?  Outmoded relationships that do not serve or feed you now? 

Is there a new interest or hobby that you want to explore?  Is there a place you can volunteer that you can enjoy?  Is there a group to join where you may meet new friends or develop an interest? 

Your happiness is important.  Give it attention and help it grow.  It's contagious, so you will find your happiness helps others to be happy, too.  Selfless Selfishness?  Perhaps, but God wants you to be happy.  Which makes God happier, and you and everyone healthier. 

If you have lost your happy place, do what you can to find your way back, step by step.  Happiness is not a scarce commodity.  More is always available, but you may have to look a new direction to find it.  We promise you that it is always possible. 

That's your assignment for now.  We love you.


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  1. Great post. A few months ago I lost my happiness, and was just stuck in a cycle of "doing what I was supposed to." Then one day I just stopped, I dropped all of the things I was tied to that no longer made me feel good, and with that I was able to explore new hobbies. Being happy in the very moment you are living is what matters most, I learned.


    ps. thanks for stopping by my blog!!