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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Divine Order: God Is In Control

Do you believe in an all-powerful God? Most of you were probably taught something like that as a child.  Most religions have this concept or something like it.  Omnipotent.  Omniscient. Vigilant. 

So, why do so many of you think the world is out of control and running wild?  Why are you so scared? 

God has been fully aware of you and your hijinks all along.  God gave you this plane to explore possibilities, knowing full well what might happen. This is not a surprise.  This is not a shock.  Corruption is nothing new, believe us.  What is new is the level of exposure (pun intended) of the truth to the public mind. 

The time for dark corners and dirty secrets is past.  Those who hide from the light of open and honest truth aren't going to like it. Their duplicity is threatened, and their house of cards will fall.  And isn't this a good thing?

God doesn't need to get angry or pass a harsh judgment for justice to occur.  Even those who get away with their misdeeds in this lifetime will face justice later.  No one gets away with anything, because everything is noticed and recorded.  You can't hide from God, nor do you need to. 

But back to the subject at hand.  If you truly believe in a God with the level of knowledge and abilities you have been told about, how can you believe in anything other than the presence of Divine Order in your world?  How can you believe that the apparent chaos and disharmony is anything but an odd form God's Perfect Plan?  One you don't understand, obviously, but a set of circumstances in which God's Hand is directly involved?

When you pray, "God's Will Be Done," do you mean it?  Really?  We didn't think so!  It's very hard to cede control of your life to someone you know well, much less to a God you really never knew very well, if at all.  A God who has been libeled multiple times by tales and descriptions of "divine" anger and a punitive nature.

Why do you think those tales were written?  The author of each had a purpose in mind.  He (yes, he) was upset and/or offended about something his people were doing and wanted them to change their ways in the manner he saw fit.  It was manipulation, pure and simple.  Or, impure and simple.  He had an agenda; much better for God to promote it and threaten to punish them.  That oughta scare 'em!   Much more effective.

And safer.  If you have an unpopular message to deliver, pin it on God, so they don't go after you.  "I didn't say it, He did! The Big Guy over there!"

They never realized at the time that their writings would be preserved and codified into a holy book still used as a reference and a bastion of truth thousands of years later, that these scary stories of a fearsome God would still be broadcast and believed long after they had presumably served their purpose.

There is some question as to whether the short term gain came anywhere near to balancing the long term damage caused by the lies they contained about God.  Yes, we are saying the Holy Bible contains lies.  Well-intentioned lies in some cases, but lies, nevertheless.   We are sorry if this offends you, but the truth must be said.

God knows you.  Thoroughly.  God loves you.  Completely.  God isn't angry about anything you do, however horrendous.  That's what Unconditional Love means.  God loves you so much that none of the stupid and misguided stuff you do, matters.  Nothing but nothing can touch that  love and change it. 

And nothing but nothing is out of God's control or beyond God's ability to fix it if it is indeed "broken."  Which it is not.  Even the earthly disasters can be undone, wiped away in the blink of an eye as suddenly as they occurred.  Can, we emphasize.  Not necessarily will.  Because, God can do anything. 

Anything except, perhaps, stop loving you. 

So when things get scary, know that God is in control, and be at peace.  You are in the best of Hands, always.  Every second of every day and every night, you are loved and cherished and very, very safe. 

You still have to care for the physical aspect of your life, you body, your world, but always, ultimately, you are safe and loved and cherished, no matter what the circumstances look like. 

The calmer you stay, the easier it will go for you and  yours, for your calmness will spread around you and help everyone in your sphere of influence. 

Never fear, God is here.  Now, and always. 

We love, honor, and respect you.



  1. In the back of my head I'm thinking God is in control and I should hand the reins to him but when life appears out of control, it's difficult to put trust in anyone. It comes down to faith which I try hard to maintain despite it all.

    Take care, David

  2. This is one of the tenants I've been trying to get across in my blog as well, Orea. Good to see someone else getting this message out there too. I REALLY think times are changing and more people are coming to this understanding.

    I think the more people talk about this and share this knowledge, the harder it will be to dismiss as a fallacy.

    God is Love.
    The sooner we realize this the better humanity will be.
    Thanks for helping to share this message!

    Be Happy! Be Well! Be Positive!
    Blessings to you.

  3. David, I didn't do so well when my husband was laid off. Despite everything I think I know, I was utterly terrified. So I'm not going to pretend it's easy. All we can do is try to remember when things get tough.

    Chris, I hope the message gets around. It would help so much.

    Love & Blessings,