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Saturday, June 11, 2011


The Black Dragon once said to me, "Float." Could you talk about that, please?

We love the Black Dragon and his pithy wisdom.  This one is really deep, a whole spiritual lesson in one word.  Float. 

Think about what you know about floating.  How do you learn to do it?  How does it feel?  What did your teacher say?  Relax.  Trust the water to hold you up, even though it seems impossible.  The water will support you.  Don't fight it. Be calm. 

Floating feel peaceful.  When you are floating, you don't thrash about.  You don't hang onto anything because you don't need to.  You don't try to move in any particular direction, except where the current carries you.  You become one with the water and its ways.  You feel good, very good. 

Everything about floating - except the wet part! - applies to living at peace with and in harmony with the Universe.  Relax.  Trust it to uphold and support you.  Practice nonresistance.  Go with the flow.  Be peaceful within and quiet in your relationship to your surroundings.  Don't fight or resist change, don't grasp at or cling to the old and outmoded ideas that no longer work for you.  Be calm and centered, and at peace. 


That Dragon knows a thing or two, so remember his simple advice.


That says it all. 


Image: tungphoto / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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