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Monday, July 11, 2011

Floating Through the Changes

 Today is 7-11-11, as you write it.  A series of lucky numbers, no?  We actually believe that every day is a lucky day (if you approach it with that mindset), but these numbers are especially nice ones.

This "11" year is rife with possibilities for growth and expansion.  We are, indeed, ignoring the "2" because you usually just write the 11 when noting the date on documents and checks.  That makes the 11 as powerful as the 4, in our opinion.

There are forces of growth, change, and transformation about.  Can you feel them at work in your life?  New doors are opening, old ways and means are being cast away to make room.  Don't let fear bog you down as you feel the winds of change and don't understand it all.

Rest yourself securely in the hands or arms or heart of God and know you are safe.  There are answers for all of your questions, but you don't need to know  them all at this time.  Just know that they ixist, and that they are good.

Float, as the Dragon said, and enjoy the scenery.   Related Article Here  That really is the way to get to your goal.  Or, as someone else said, "Let go, and let God."

Pay attention to the hunches and clues strewn in your path, for there are many of them.  If you miss some, no problem, many more are coming your way.

Your relaxed attitude and demeanor are actually more conducive to success than stressing and striving over minutiae.

We love you in a relaxed and accepting manner.  Many blessings are coming your way.  Reach out and enjoy.



  1. Bless you for this. Sometimes, admittedly, I do feel a hint of fear. Seeing the changes in the wind and the ominous signs of decay and deception in our world, and being attuned to all these menacing signs I do get somewhat uptight. I must tell you about my “11” experience from the recent past.
    My daughter kept seeing the digits 11:11. “Mom, I just saw 11:11 again.” When this kept happening I took it as a sign, and approached God to see if these particular numbers had any real significance.
    This phenomenon began occurring months ago. It started before the Christchurch earthquake, and before the one in Japan. Then I began connecting dots.
    Sept 11th (NY) Jan 11th (Haiti) and March 11th (Japan)...
    Still, I receive the blessings and trust all the while. And I do believe in Divine protection.

  2. I just read the same basic advice somewhere else today,to try to maintain a childlike trust in God as the changes occur. Easier said than done, of course.