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Thursday, July 14, 2011


Welcome to this world of ours.
Welcome to this Place of Love.
Welcome to a place of wholeness and completion.

Welcome to our hearts.  We have been awaiting you.

You are coming home, if you but know it.  Our hearts and arms are open wide for you.

Open your hearts and arms in return to your fellow man. 

The way to get through that tiny-seeming doorway, is actually to expand yourself, your heart, your love, to include everyone, everything, all of Creation.

This bigger, more diffuse You holds all of the known Universe, and more.  So much more!  You are you, but you are more of you, and more completely you, yourself, your True Being. 

As we have said before, right now you are but a bad copy of the Real You.   See that article here.    The Real You is magnificent in every sense of the word.  The Real You is not lost, or sad, or confused.  The Real You knows who is who, and what is what, and knows it is all good.

We want you to get to know the Real You.  It - You - The Entirety is all there, somewhere.  You just lost it, misplaced it for a while.  It's like that pair of glasses you can't find, that turns out to have been on top of your head the whole time you were searching everywhere else for it.  The Real You is that close, right now.

And the easiest way to find the Real You, is to practice love, expanding the love within you to include more and more, until suddenly, one day, you are there.  Or, more correctly, it's all there, within your heart, connected to your soul, and you remember what you always knew, that you were never separated, except by an illusion.

You were never separated, except by your fears.

You were never separated, except by the idea that he or she is different from you in a vital way.

None of which is valid, of course.  None of which was anything more than your overactive imagination making up stories to pass the time and create an interesting scenario.

The more you open yourself and your heart, the more you grow into wholeness and joy, and the more open you are to allowing the Universe to flow through you and to you and bring ever-increasing blessings your way.

What kind of blessings?  You name it.  What do you want?  Better health?  Security?  An end to loneliness?   All this and more, friends, all this and more, the Universe is poised to give you as soon as you are ready to receive.

As soon as you are ready to open yourself to Love.  As soon as you are ready to let go of old grudges and judgments and demarcations between yourself and your foes.

We welcome you to our world, whenever you are ready.


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