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Friday, July 15, 2011

Wondrous, Wonderful, Wondering

 You live in a wonderful world, full of wondrous things, and there are many things also, to wonder about.  We encourage that.

Your world may seem flat until you start to wonder and dig below the surface of the things you take for granted.  Everything has a history.  Everything has a reason for being there.  Have you thought about that, and wondered what it is?  Probably not.

Most of you, Orea included, never realized that everything has a reason for being there.  Poison ivy and mosquitoes included!

Everything has a reason.  Everything has a purpose.  None of it just happens to be there. 

You live in a purposeful world, none of which was random chance.  We'll say it again.  None of it just happened. 

This is not to say that evolution didn't happen, merely that even evolution can have a reason and a purpose and a goal in mind.  Or should we say, a goal in Mind?

There is no real demarcation between "Intelligent Design" and the process of evolution.  One can (and does) support the other.  But, not as literally as some would have it.  Those stories in the Bible were not meant - never meant - as recitations of literal, bare fact.  They express, instead, ideas, concepts, allegories in a way that was accepted and understood by the writers' contemporaries.  Something (the shared template of understanding) was lost over the years, and a simpler but less accurate interpretation developed.  Understandable, but regrettable. 

So we suggest you take some time to think about your world, and why it is as it is.  What is the reason and purpose for this or that.  See what your mind comes up with as possibilities. 

That's all we are going to say on this for now, but we'll likely touch on this again, later. 

So, do your homework!  Why are there trees?  Mosquitoes?  Mud?  Why are there flowers and birds? 

For that matter, why are you?  Ah...   (smile)

We love and bless you this day.  Say "thank you" to receive.



  1. I agree that we reside in a very complex world that mere mortals will never fully understand. It's beyond complicated and my head hurts as I attempt to figure things out. Every creature down to the simplest one does indeed have a purpose in the grand scheme of things; that's why it's so devestating when a species is eradicated. "Everything counts" as Depeche Mode says and it truly does. Blessings!!

  2. I don't know the answers, either. There are items I wouldn't have included in the mix here, that's for sure. LOL Perhaps the value in this contemplation is not so much to get an answer, but is in the seeking. Or in the realization that there is a whole lot we just don't or can't know.


  3. Amen, God never intended for us to know everything, if we did then that would make us equal to God. Not possible, we just have to continue to live for in and allow him to truely be a part of our lives. I invite you to stop by and read, enjoy and follow me.


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  4. Marie, I couldn't disagree with you more completely. We were not created to be inferior to God. God has no interest in preventing us from being equal. We are part of the Divine, literally and intrinsically. We are beloved and precious to God, regardless of what we do or do not do. That is what unconditional love means. We are not subject to a bunch of arbitrary rules nor will we be punished for following the wrong ones.

    I don't expect you to believe me. I do expect that you think I'm on my way to Hell.

    But I will say that the God I know personally is a God of Love, not of anger and judgment. I could not respect nor worship the one you follow.

    I don't believe in God, I know God. I know God better than I know my computer. (Which really isn't saying much!) God chose to show me the reality and breadth of His Love around 1990. It changed everything for me and set me on the path that I tread today, sharing the news of that love through this blog.

    I bless you on your path, but I cannot follow of friend you because I think you are 100% wrong in your views.