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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Change Your Default Settings: Aim Higher

What are your default settings set for?  The old, familiar levels from your past, or your optimum levels of happiness, connection, love, and achievement?  Have you even thought about them recently?

Most people have not, largely because they didn't know they were there, or didn't know they could be changed.

Are you settling for less happiness and fulfillment than you really want?  For less meaning in your life?  Were your early expectations unfulfilled, so you responded by lowering them, or abandoning them altogether?

We have something to say about that.  There is more possible for you than you ever dared to dream.  You have been living a Black and White Life because you didn't know you could have vibrant color!

The nature of your dreams may have changed since you were young, and this is a good thing.  You  have changed and matured, and that astronaut suit may not fit any longer.  (smile)  Time for new and updated dreams and expectations.

Think about what you really want NOW.  A day free from pain?  To wake up full of energy and ready to go?  A job you love, that pays you well?   To find a good companion and love to walk through the years with you? 

Now, take a look at your beliefs.  Do you really believe you can be pain free again?  Do you believe it is possible to find a job you'll enjoy?  Do you think your best days of love and companionship are behind you, or never to occur at all?  These are some of the thoughts that choose your default settings, and the Universe and Nature will do their best to make you right. 

So we  ask again, what do you believe about yourself, your life, your world?  Take a good look, and consider making new choices.  Tell God (and yourself) what you really want, and let those limitations of old be damned.  They have hobbled and hampered you long enough.

Set your intent, set your sails for new horizons, new vistas, new adventures, and let God in to play.  Because, to God, this is play.  This is God's idea of fun, to give you what you really want, and then some, let you have at it, and then do it again as new dreams arise.

Don't be afraid to ask, but leave it open-ended.  We mean, don't be so specific that God can't improvise and come up with something even more divine for you.  If, for example, you ask for one specific house you love, you may be closing the door on something even better that you haven't seen yet. 

You know yourself, but God knows you better.  You know what you think you want, but God knows what will really make you happy.

Let go of your broken dreams and get ready for new ones.  Get excited by the breadth of new possibilities.  Don't let the old defaults hold you back any longer.  You are capable of more now, much more.

Ready, set, go!


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