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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Don't Take It Personally

We have talked about being open in mind and heart, and approaching the world around you in a friendly, friend-ready manner.  You know, though, from your life experience that not everyone is going to like you.  This happens, and you can't prevent it. 

When people are in very different phases of their walk in life (and we don't mean chronologically), they just don't mesh.  It's like you are both the soft side of the "hook and loop tape," and there's nothing for you to grab onto in each other to form a relationship.

It's not the right time for you to be friends, so don't take it personally.

Some people just can't relate to who and what you are right now.  Don't take it personally.

Orea weirds some people out, because they sense she is different somehow.  They aren't comfortable with "different," it might challenge their homeostatic existence.  They don't want that.  No harm, no foul.  Don't take it personally.  This was just a convenient example.  (smile)

In fact, the majority of the things you experience at the hands of other people, aren't about you at all, even though it may seem like it is.

Remember what we said about your minds tending to fill in things with fiction?  Read it here.   That's what is happening.  It's not about you, it's about them.  Don't take it personally.

Go out and hold your friendly, open thoughts, but if and when they are not returned, or if they are rebuffed, don't take it personally.  They aren't ready for you.  Somewhere, someday, they will be.  Not necessarily in this lifetime, though.  They have all the time in the world - and more - to get there.

We love you just the way you are right now.  Our blessings always flow your way, whether you are reading this or not.  Reach out to us and ask, and it is done.


Image: nuttakit / FreeDigitalPhotos.net


  1. hey actually felt good after reading this blog, it says just be who you are! Actually any perception made during your bad days or good days should not be counted on the experience of one day...because they are not true and it depends on the current situation and mood of that person. good post ... you can visit me http://autom-atic.blogspot.com/

  2. I'm glad it made you feel good. It's important to find out who you are and learn to be the real you. There's only one person just like you in the Universe, so that's a pretty important job! ;-)

    And I agree about those bad and good days. Thanks for the reminder not to rush to judgment. A good lesson for us all.

    Thanks for stopping by!

  3. One of the things I've written for people who visit my blog is this:
    Faith and spirituality have always been a significant part of my life. Take either one of these away, and I will simply cease to be who I am. Take me or leave me. I no longer worry what others think.

    The LAST line:
    Take me or leave me. I no longer worry what others think.
    is REALLY how I feel now. I'm still Chris, the same person I was before I discovered my deeper faith. Only now I've become more centered, more spiritual. It's the people who understand that I'm still that same person I was before and continue to accept me and those new friends I've made since I've been on this path who matter to me. The people who've left my side (and there have been a few who have) because I've moved to a more spiritual path don't matter. It REALLY doesn't bother me one way or the other. They're still MY friends, even if I'm not their friends. I don't burn bridges.

    They will come a time when the divine will put them back in my life and I want to be ready.

    Thanks for writing this post, Orea. A nice reminder for me that while some people have left my life, I've also met several new people. The old adage about doors and windows really is true. I'm sure you've heard it before:
    When God closes a door HE opens a window.

    Sometimes you have to spend some time finding the window, but it's ALWAYS there.

  4. Well said, Chris. It's true for me, as well, that my spirituality is an intrinsic part of who and what I am. I couldn't and wouldn't sacrifice it for old times' sake or any other reason. It may sound odd, but I don't know what would be left, if I tried.

    We can't hang onto people if the time has come for a parting of the ways. We can try, but I think we would ultimately fail as the paths diverge. I hope and trust that new friends will find their way to me as the old ones fall away. It's good to have companions on the journey.