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Friday, July 1, 2011

Lay Down Your Arms: The Power of Gentleness

Do you approach the world as you would a cagey foe?  This may seem the wise thing to do, being "street smart." We offer the less obvious route. 

Lay down your arms and become a noncombatant.  There is power in gentleness, just as there is in Love.  Aggression begets aggression, gentleness begets gentleness.  A preemptive strike causes the very thing it hoped to avoid. 

When Jesus spoke of turning the other cheek, he was illustrating the point.  Your failure to fight back removes the fuel from your opponent's anger and aggression.  It helps them to see their actions in a different light, and it's not a pretty thing.  By turning your proverbial cheek, you highlight that their aggression is unprovoked, and that makes the aggressor into a monster. 

Ghandi understood this, too.  When you fight back, they can justify their actions as necessary and appropriate.  When you don't, they can't.  Their ugliness is there for the world - and them - to see. 

The same is true of verbal violence and anger.  "A soft answer turneth away wrath."  (Proverbs 15:1) It was always thus.  It takes two to do the dance of anger and aggression.  If you don't dance, their anger will generally dissipate. 

Lay down your arms.  When you do, less anger and agrression will come your way.  See how your life improves.  Find things to be happy about, instead.  Many of the things you get angry about, aren't your business, anyway. 

Let go of your grudges.  Be at peace with any and all. 

Peace on Earth, Goodwill toward men.  It's not just for Christmas any more. 

You can carry it in your heart today and every day, and watch it spread. 

We love and bless you and wish you peace and prosperity. 


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