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Thursday, June 30, 2011


Orea:  Is there anything you'd like to say?

Yes, we'd like to talk today.

You are remarkable beings, yet you don't know it.  You practice many skills, all at the same time.  We find that impressive.  Your brains are very active, and often juggle multiple topics at one time.

And yet, the greatest benefits are to be found in silence, or in simple activities.  Many of the activities of yesteryear, that were truly beneficial to you, are no longer practiced.  The simple, manual activities, like hand carpentry, or whittling, churning butter or darning socks,  no longer apply.  And that's a shame, because activities like this provided a framework for the quiet mind.  They were, in many ways, a form of meditation.

A life where there is  an abundance of inexpensive goods available on the open market provides ample opportunity for distraction and over-consumption.  When more things are had so easily and cheaply, none of them are adequately appreciated.

To put it succinctly, to much is acquired, and too little is appreciated.  Even life and health tend to be taken for granted, which is too bad, for every day you live and breathe is a gift, an amazing gift.

Technology is progressing so fast that last year's new wonder is next year's outmoded junk, to some.  The item didn't change, so what did?  You and your expectations and desires.  You want more, fancier, faster.

And we ask of you, how much of this has any lasting value?  Does faster Internet really buy you any time that you use for something of value?  Or do you spend those extra minutes you saved, doing more of the same?

How much of your life do you spend quieting your mind and connecting to your Source, or to your Inner Being?

This faster and faster life of yours is not good for you.  It's unhealthy in so many ways.  We implore you to dedicate some time to quietness: sit, be still, and just be.  Breathe.  Relax.  Be.

If you fall asleep every time you try, this tells you something, too.  You aren't taking care of your body's needs.

Get in touch with you, through silence, through breathing, through meditation.  Find something congenial to do with your hands if it helps, and is relaxing.  Quieting yourself and your mind is essential to your health, balance, and well-being.

We love, honor, and bless you this day, in our own quiet way.


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