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Friday, June 24, 2011

Taking It In

Concentrate on the beauty before you.  Never mind the gum on the sidewalk, enjoy the bright, golden dandelion instead.  A mere weed, or a sign to you that nature offers beauty in the most unexpected places? It all depends on the attitude with which you take it in.

You take it in.  Think about those words, and what they mean.  The surroundings you pay attention to, the things and people and happenings all around you, they become a part of you as you focus on them, think about them, "take them in."

They literally become a part of you, as a memory, as an energy, and how you interpret them and how you react to them makes a very big difference in the cumulative impact of the accrued moments on you and your life path.

Everything you see, you interpret.  Everyone looking at a particular thing may see something slightly to entirely different.  Your mind likes to fill in the blanks to make a story to help you understand.  You are constantly filling in contextual elements to give you a framework for interpreting ans dealing with the world around you.  You make "educated guesses" about who people are, what their intent is, what their background is.

It's a coping mechanism once designed to help you sort out what was dangerous, a threat to your survival, and what you could safely ignore or deal with.  What you should fight, or run from, and what was okay, or a potential meal or friend.  This survival mechanism made sense in that situation, but as you developed into a more complex and sophisticated species, this "filling in" from your mind began to be used in a much more general and slapdash manner.

The result?  Many of your unfounded conclusions are just that, pure fiction.  But you tend to believe them because you wrote the backstory yourself.  The result is that you can look at a piece of gum on the sidewalk and exclaim to yourself or your companion, "Oh, people are just so  thoughtless and messy.  They don't care if someone steps in their gum and messes up their shoes!"

That 's a big conclusion/life lesson to draw from a piece of gum, particularly if you didn't see how it came to be there.  And you are likely to accept it without question if you don't take the time to think about it.  It's that automatic.

Maybe you're right, but even so, it is one person and one piece of gum, not all of humanity or everyone in the neighborhood who did it.

But it's just as likely, if not more so, that the story is completely different.  The gum was dropped by a young child who didn't know better yet, or perhaps was trying to learn to blow bubbles when the gum popped out of their mouth and hit the ground.  Being a good child, they remembered their mom's injunction not to put something into your mouth after it falls and gets dirty, so the kid left the gum where it lay, forgetting the part about picking up after yourself.

Two totally different stories about the same piece of gum, both made out of whole cloth by the imagination.  Each has a different life message which, if accepted as your truth, becomes a part of you and the ongoing development of your personality and your manifestation of reality.

One of these two, equally bogus explanations carries a much less negative energy load than the other.   Which would you rather "take in"?  Which would you prefer to encounter more of?

But, how about we realize that we don't need a fabricated backstory at all, and simply deal with the gum as...gum?  Maybe then we can, without recrimination, just pull out a piece of scrap paper and pick up the gum before someone else accidentally ends up wearing it.   No fuss, no bother, just a matter of fact dealing with what we see, in the best way we can, and moving on.

As we said at the start, focus on the beauty around you.  Notice and enjoy and react to that.  Draw that in, and make it a part of your day, and who you are, with joy and appreciation.  That's what you want to take in, and become more of.  That's what will make you happier.  That's where wholeness lies.

It's a lovely and lively planet.  Enjoy.  You'll miss it when your time here is over.

We love and bless you this day.


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