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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Fireworks and Forefathers

There comes a time in human events when major changes must be made, in the name of progress, in the name of correcting mistaken patterns, of healing rifts and unhealthy modes of thinking and being that seem to be the rule of the day, and seem to be unchangeable.

When such a need arises, a message goes forth in Heaven, and volunteers flock to help it occur.  Plans are made, interactions are mapped out, and only then does this chosen group of intrepid volunteers begin to arrive, to be born (usually) in the time and place decided upon for their preparation.  And so that mapped-out plan begins to play itself out.

Sometimes it works out better than others.  Sometimes a change in energy that marked cannot take hold and take root the first time.  It's just too great a leap.  And sometimes, it goes perfectly the first time, and a beneficial change is achieved. 

Who are these souls who come in to help with change?  They are beings with a vision, and a commitment to help it be.

Often in history, you will see instances where a group of dedicated, remarkable individuals appears to have have just happened to be on the scene, where they were needed to make something happen that needed to happen.  Sometimes it is a group of scholars or thinkers, or diplomats and politicians.  Sometimes it starts as one individual with a dream and a goal.

These convocations of visionaries have happened before, and they will happen again, as needed, for there are always plenty of volunteers willing to accept the challenge and step forward to help those dreams come true.

Do you have a dream that feels important? Step forward, yourself, and, holding that vision, start to make it come true in whatever way you can.  Help will flock to you, too, on this plane and in Heaven.  Know that you are supported in your efforts.

On July 4, citizens of the U.S.A. celebrate one such group of volunteer souls, often called the forefathers, who had the vision, the commitment and the fortitude and courage to break free from the old patterns and create an experimental form of government that had never been tried quite like that before.  A number of dedicated beings incarnated to accomplish this.  Many paid dearly.  Think about this, whether in the context of the United States, or the history of your country.

Think also about your ancestors, who lived in difficult times but managed to survive and pass on their genetic information to the next generation.  They deserve your respect, as well.  You will never know what they went through to make you possible.

Where there are challenges, there are interested and caring volunteers who have arrived to try to help with a solution.  It's just one form of heavenly support you may not know about.

We thought you might like to know what you're really celebrating when you light those fireworks.

We love and bless you this day, another form of heavenly support.


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