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Friday, November 4, 2011

You Are More

You are far more than you think you are. Your full consciousness and knowledge do not reside here in your physical body, nor do your full memories of who you are, and where and what you have been.

Those are the rules of the game you are participating in.  What if I couldn't remember? What if I didn't already know? You chose, in a moment of bravado, to shed it all, leave it all behind for a brief stint in a physical container with many built-in limitations.  Courageous, indeed, wouldn't you agree?

And so, your understanding of yourself is limited and hampered by a self image that is many sizes too small, and you have been living a life scaled to fit.

Beloveds, the time for this is over. Prepare to discard your old and limited self-image for a more correct and complete one. The time has come to reclaim your divinity and your birthright as That of God.

It is time to remember, and to own, that you didn't start here, and you didn't plan to finish here. This is just a brief interlude of amnesia, and its time is nearly over.  With this in mind, start reaching for bigger truths. They are all around you, tugging at your sleeve and begging to be recognized and taken seriously.

It's time to re-inhabit the rest of you, and live a fuller and more productive existence.

Join us at this level.  You are ready. Make the leap.

We love and bless you.



  1. Love this...reposted on Facebook! Thank you for the simplicity of how you share.
    Love, Kara

  2. Thanks, Kara. That part about reaching for bigger truths really hit home today. I got handed one, and I'm still digesting it. The mind is really having to stretch.