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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Your Body: Made for Your Pleasure

Good morning.  All is well.  Things are proceeding as they should. Enjoy the rightness of this moment, and then the next. Breathe deeply and enjoy the sensation of filling your lungs, so simple and yet such a pleasure.

Think about it: Your body was set up so that the simplest things, the basic things you do to stay alive, bring pleasure to you, if you pay attention. Eating comes quickly to mind, but move on to the  less obvious, such as breathing.  Even, pardon our expression, using the toilet brings a sense of pleasure and relief, doesn't it?  A warm shower or bath does, as well, and resting when you are tired.  We could go on and on.

When you consider this, how can you escape the notion that your body and your very life here were actually designed and intended to give you pleasure?

Yet, somewhere, it all went very wrong.  You forgot to pay attention and enjoy your many opportunities each day for enjoyment of your physical casing.  Physical pleasure actually became suspect.  Sexuality became separated from its loving and sacred origins.

Your body became something to subdue to your will, an enemy to be overcome and beaten into shape through force of will.

This was never what was desired or intended by your Creator.  He wanted to give you a physical vessel which you could inhabit with grace, and ease, and yes, pleasure, so that you could experience Life in a new and fuller way.

Someone, a lot of someones, obviously misunderstood.

Love your body, honor your body, but above all, enjoy it.  You won't have it forever, so appreciate the opportunities it offers you, while they are available.

We love and bless you this day.  What are you having for dinner?


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