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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Take Another Look

Greetings.  Reality's actualities are far different from those you have been assuming are true.  You are going to have to stretch to accommodate real, unvarnished truths.  Your mind will have to open wide, and wider still, to grasp some of these new ideas about how things are.

Throw away your preconceptions and misconceptions and look anew.  See with new eyes.  Examine the input as though you never saw it before.  Use all of your senses, and try to take in the most subtle details, for there will lie your hints and the directions to the real truth.

Question everything.  Even what seems obvious is not so.  Listen to your guidance, and give it the benefit of the doubt.  Within reason!  Don't go jumping off of buildings to see if you can fly.  Fly first, leap later.

Take time to absorb things.  Your brain needs some time and quiet space to sort and file new information.

Practice bending and stretching you mind and your perceptions.  Remove simple labels and re-examine your findings.  Does it really mean what you initially thought it did?

It's a big and amazing universe out there, and it's not the only one.  That's your starting point.

We love you.


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