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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Is Struggle Necessary?

Is struggle necessary?  Absolutely not!  In fact, struggle is usually counterproductive.

But before you get confused, let's distinguish between struggle and work.  Many situations in life involve work of some kind.  Work can be satisfying and good.  Struggle, however, generally involves a "with," or an "against."  In either case, it has you on one side, and someone or something else on the other.  This is true even if it is you and your weight, or you and your illness.  Struggle is based on the illusion that there are two sides, or that there is good and not-good.

We sense consternation here.  The Universe is comprised of Love, God's love.  In that context, what is there to struggle against?

Everything, and we do mean everything there is, has your best interest at heart, because everything, and we do mean everything, loves you.  How does this jive with your life experience, which would clearly seem to contradict this?

That which is not Love, is not real.  It's a shadow on the wall.  You may not understand this fully now.  That is okay.  You may not believe this now.  That is okay, too.  Don't try too hard.  Don't struggle with it.  Let it lie and eventually, you will come back to it with a full understanding.

When you struggle with, or over something, you are not in harmony with the flow of the Universe.  That, we think, is easy to understand.  When you struggle, often the Universe's proverbial hands are tied, and the help you need or want is prevented from coming to you, by the disharmony of your struggle.

When you can get yourself into that Harmony, and keep to it for a while, your need for struggle or desire for it will tend to vanish.  You will be left with a clear and peaceful heart and soul.

So we say again: Is struggle necessary? No, and it's counterproductive.

Be at peace, and know that All is Well.  Help those around you who still struggle, that they may find Peace, too.

We love you and send you Peace this day.


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