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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Your Love Is Never Wasted

Background:  The night before last, I awoke at 1:41 AM with a phrase in my head.  I have no idea how it got there, or what the context was.  I was intrigued and moved enough to get up and write it down word for word.  I'm glad I did.  Here it is.  "To know that your love always falls in a deep and appreciative place." 

I spent a day thinking about it and what it might mean.  Whenever I think about it, I feel its power, and a sense of peace.  It feels important.  It feels like something we need to know.  So today I decided to turn it over to my guides and see what they would do with it. 

We want you to know that your love is never wasted.  Regardless of now it seems sometimes, the truth is that love can never be wasted.  It is impossible.  It literally cannot happen. 

We believe you need to know that your love always falls in a deep and appreciative place.  What does this mean?  How can this be? It's really very simple.  No matter who or what you love, you are loving God, the God how made everything from His own being, very much as Adan's rib is said to have made up Eve. 

Anything and everything you can love has a being, a consciousness of sorts, and a soul, even those street signs we like to talk about. Even when your love seems to fall on arid land because the mind of the being rejects it, the soul of the being, which remembers its divine origin, recognizes the value and beauty of your gift, and esteems it accordingly. 

Love, all love, is the currency of the Universe.  It is the most esteemed because it is the most valuable commodity there is, and it is everlasting, unfading, decay-proof.  Eternally shiny and fresh and new.  Love transcends time and place and like things. Love is unchangeable, immutable, ultimately trustworthy and dependable.  It is the true treasure of Heaven.

You can give away love every moment of your life (and we hope you do!), and end up with far more than you started with.  Think about it.  Isn't that amazing?

The principle runs contrary to every other commodity. You spend the money in your bank account, you give away your possessions, you will be left with nothing.  You give away all of the love in your heart every day, and you find you can hold more and more, and it replenishes itself automatically.

Not only that, but the love you give away, germinates and takes root in the subject of its focus, and that love grows and prospers, too, whether you can see it for feel it, or not.  it may be growing deep in a place you cannot access here and now, but it is there, and it is tended and appreciated as the precious gift it is, to blossom and flourish at a future time and place.

We know it may seem like a thankless task, to love and love and to feel that you are giving for more than you receive, to an ungrateful and unappreciated host.  Mind you, we don't want you to bleed yourself dry, or give to the point of martyrdom.  Care for yourself with the love you would give anyone else, and care for yourself first. 

(Orea's Note: In an earlier journey, I was given the idea of "plugging in" to the Divine at night when I go to sleep.  This is a way to balance the energy coming in with the outgo of the day.  There is a brief note about it here: http://orea-highervoice.blogspot.com/2011/03/reach-out-to-divine.html  I recommend it.) 

But remember your lovingkindness is never wasted even if, at the surface, it is unappreciated or even thrown back in your face.  It is never wasted even when it seems to be undeserved.    It is all going to God, and God recognizes and appreciates every speck of it. 

We love and appreciate you and we hope you feel the same way  about yourselves.  Say "thank you" to receive our blessing. 


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