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Monday, May 9, 2011

Power and Destiny

Journey: I am circling the sky like an eagle, soaring free.  I shoot upward into the sky and beyond, into outer space and beyond.  I pass barriers as if they were nothing but mist.

Now I am seeing angels.  They smile.  They are escorts to someone.  The angels are far bigger than I am and they shine a bright white - much lighter, brighter, and whiter than I am.

"Don't compare yourself.  You are as you should be, as are they."

Someone is waiting for me.  I know who it is, but I'd rather not say.   The entity begins to speak:

You have chosen the topic, "Power and Destiny." We would like to address this.

People have fears about power and destiny.  Both of these scare them for a number of reasons.

Let's start with destiny.  People often fear that they will mess things up and miss their destiny.  This cannot happen.  You will always arrive there, and you cannot avoid it.  You may make it longer or more difficult, but you will get there.

Your work, your contribution to the Universal Whole will be accomplished.  You cannot fail, truly!  The more you worry about it, or about anything, for that matter, the more you get in your own way.

We have never asked of you more than you can give.  So rest easy and know it's all right.

Now, for Power... People fear power and the misuse of it.  And this can happen, but primarily it happens on the watch of someone who has no qualms about it.  They don't hesitate to use it in any way they care to, because they tend to have no care for the greater consequences.  If you care enough to be concerned about the misuse of power, you are unlikely to fall victim to the trap.

So again, rest easy.  Follow your path and do not fear where it will lead you.  You will be given the tools you need as, or before, you need them.  Keep yourself, to the best of your ability, to the place of harmony within.  Keep yourself in a place of Love and acceptance.  These are what smooth your way and make things easy and natural feeling.

Keep your flexibility of thought and your integrity.  Stand  in the Light and watch what happens.

Remember you cannot fail.  You cannot fail.  It's all been taken care of, the check is paid.  You have absolutely nothing to worry about, save to enjoy the banquet and share the joy.

We, and many others, are available to assist.  Sometimes you don't even need to ask, but it is nice if you do.

We've got your back, so move forward without hesitation.  Embrace your power and your destiny.  We expect great things from you, and we know we will not be disappointed.

Blessings to you and yours.  We bid you adieu.

(Later, I got the understanding that, when the eagle soars, it never questions that the air will hold it up and not drop it.  There is never a doubt. It knows where it is going, and that it has what it takes to get there.  So it should be with us.)

Image: Jeff Ratcliff / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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  1. Insightful and enjoyable post with a nice message. I should enjoy the ride and stop worrying so much but it's hard to let go of the reins. In the end hopefully my work will put me where I desire :)