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Sunday, May 8, 2011

On Mothers and Parenthood

I feel myself being wrapped up.  Swaddled?  I feel warm, and safe, and loved.

Motherhood is the closest thing to being God.

God loves, and protects, and nurtures, as mothers do.  God takes pride in your development and accomplishments, as mothers do.  God lets go, and allows you to grow into independence, to explore your personhood, as mothers will do if they are wise and healthy.

The entire experience of motherhood was designed to help you understand in some small way, who God is, and what Godlike qualities are.  Isn't it funny, then, that God is now most commonly portrayed as a man? A male man?  (mailman, get it?)

All of these qualities, the giving, the selflessness, the patience and understanding, all of these are Godlike qualities.

Countless women (and men) have learned from the arrival of their firstborn, that up until that point, they didn't know the fullness of what love was.  Somehow, when they meet that tiny person for the first time, when they experience the miracle of new life, something happens that changes them forever.  At that instant, something cracks wide open and a new level of love and commitment pours forth. 

It is a miracle, indeed, one that was designed to help you on your way to understanding God and your ultimate enlightenment.  All of the inglorious tasks that comprise parenthood- the dirty and the mundane - are well-disguised spiritual exercises.  And, because you perform them with love, they become even more powerful and rewarding.

There is no higher calling than to love and nurture the young of the next generation: Those who have the power, using it wisely and well, to benefit the small and powerless.

The truly wise parent realizes that they don't own their offspring, and they never did.  They are stewards of the precious and unique souls entrusted to their care, and it is up to them to do their best to love  and nurture and guide them to  productive paths and healthy and fulfilling life choices that are appropriate to who they are, and who they want to become.

You love, you guide, you let go.  You give your best, and let that soul do the rest.  As God trusts you, you trust your child to grow toward the Light that you find so dear.  Your example, and your attitudes are your strongest lessons to your growing offspring.  They are watching, and listening, and learning every waking moment of every day.

So, walk your talk, practice what you would have them learn.  Show them the way by your example, and God bless all who undertake this challenging and enormous job.

Know that help is always at hand.

And, know that when you hold a baby and look into its face for the very first time...you are beholding the face of God.

We offer you love and blessings on this day.


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  1. Thank you for a lovely post!

  2. I'm glad you enjoyed it. I hope to put it into practice again someday as a grandmother. :-) (Don't tell my kids I said that!)