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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Plain Dirt Truth

Celebrate the Truth.  Truth is what paves the highway of and to Higher Consciousness.

Truth does not hide in dark corners, seeking the shadows.  Truth stands proud and upright in the light of day and the brilliant glory of God.

Not all truths are beautiful, and yet Truth is Beauty.  How can both be true?  Yet, they are.

When you find your Truth, hold fast to it.  Your truth may be unlike any other, but that does not make it untrue.  Be proud of your truth; Truth of any kind is a treasure, for Reality can only be based on Truth.  Everything else, while it may seem like reality, is only illusion.  (And some illusions are powerful, indeed.)

What is Truth, and how do you recognize it?  Truth has a resonant vibration.  Orea has occasionally gotten a shiver up her spine when she stumbled across an unexpected Truth, because Truth carries a power, a charge, that can be felt and cannot be denied.  Oh, people can try, but if you are paying attention to the energy, you'll know.

For this reason, standing in Truth places you in a position of power.  This is a power that you cannot acquire any other way.  Some people will recognize your  authenticity because they can feel the charge in your words and your actions.

The truth can crop up in unexpected places, and it can take unexpected forms.  It isn't always wrapped in a neat, pretty package and tied with a bow.  Sometimes it just looks like plain, garden variety dirt.  (Though good soil, to a gardener, is a beautiful thing.)  It's easy to disrespect the dirt, but remember that dirt is the foundation of life here.  No dirt, no life.

No Truth, no Life.  Higher Truth is essential to Higher Life.  It's that simple, and that complex.  Higher Truths are about love and community, acceptance and celebration, ease and flowing in harmony with the Universe, with Love.  It's about Openness and Allowing.  It's about caring.  It's about seeing without prejudice and preconceptions.  It's about finding out the truth of what you are while others do the same, unmolested.  It's about harming none while allowing no others to be harmed.

Lying causes damage on more levels than you would like to think.  Lying is a form of poison.

Even a painful truth can be delivered kindly, gently, and with love.  Withholding truth is arrogant.  You are assuming that you know better than another, or another cannot handle it as well.  Or is it that it is simply easier or more comfortable to obscure it?

Truth should be cultivated, respected, cared for, nurtured.  Truth is a precious commodity and all too rare.  Cherish its integrity and keep it whole.  A partial truth can be as big of a lie as a blatant falsehood.

Find your truth and stand in it.  Yet, be willing to change it or amend it as you learn and grow.  New information is out there that can alter how you see and understand things.  This is good.  Truth is and should be a flexible commodity.   It is in a state of flux, so don't hang on so tightly that you strangle it.  Remember that sometimes the same thing can look completely different from a different viewpoint, and yet both views are valid to one person or another, from one place or another.

So don't settle for the first Truth you find and assume it is the only one, or that  there is no more to learn.  Keep on with your search and you will find more nuggets to add to your hoard.  Thus continues a life of adventure.

Know that the fancier truths that are bandied about are not necessarily the truest or the best or the highest.  Sometimes all that glitter and packaging obscure substandard material.  Pay attention and keep looking until you are satisfied that you have found the plain dirt truth - the one that will grow you and yours, the one that will connect you and feed you and give you the fuel to move on. 

And don't disparage another's truth.  You may not be seeing it the way they do, but that is their journey, their garden, their choice.  All you need to do, is cultivate your own garden and leave them to theirs.  The only harvest you need to concern yourself with, is your own.

Everything else is between them and their God, whether they believe in that particular truth, or not.

We send you blessings on this beautiful day.


Image: dan / FreeDigitalPhotos.net


  1. So don't settle for the first Truth you find and assume it is the only one, or that there is no more to learn. Keep on with your search and you will find more nuggets to add to your hoard. Thus continues a life of adventure. I really enjoyed reading this post. I am one who totally believes in searching for truth and the abundance of our life's thoughts; not only adds to our chosen direction but bares much in our focus on life.

  2. Well said.... and it lingers in the air.
    Happy Mother's Day! :-)

  3. I like to think that we can keep learning all of our lives, if we choose to. And those of us who do, well, I think we are the lucky ones.

    I have a feeling that we are just seeing the tip of the iceberg, or following Hansel and Gretel's breadcrumb trail so far. I wonder what we'll be learning next!