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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

How I Got My Name

My mother named me Gay.  I've never liked that name.  I don't like how it sounds; it feels harsh on my tongue.  And I don't like that a special interest group co-opted my name for their own.   I can't put my name on a license plate or walk into a room and say "Hi, I'm Gay!" without possibly making a wrong impression.  For years,  I thought I'd rather be named Elizabeth or some more normal name.

So how did I get the name I use today?  This is the abbreviated version.  Shortly after my sister and I took a Core Shamanism workshop, she met a Black Dragon and told me how to find him.  We quickly became great friends.  He is wise and kind and a pleasure to know.  I can't say enough good things about him.

It was about eight years later that BD, as we call him, told me his name was Sa'Hana, and gave me the gift of a name, Orea (oh RAY ah).  The second part, de Sa'Hana (day Sah-Ha-NAH) indicates that I am of, or protected by, the House of Sa'Hana.  I thought it was a lovely name that he made up.

I was just starting to use the Internet at the time.  I didn't use the new name, and the Dragon let me know that he was hurt and disappointed that I didn't.  He didn't say anything, but I could feel it.

I told him that I made that decision to protect him, since I had heard somewhere that if someone knew the real name of an entity, it gave them power over it.  He gave me a look of sheer disbelief and inquired, "And what do you think they could do to me?" Point taken.  I've been Orea on the Internet ever since. 

Two years later, I signed up for an online healing class, where I met a lovely Swiss woman who was living in Athens, Greece.  The first thing she said to me was, "Did you know your name means 'Beautiful' in Greek?"  I didn't, and I was floored.  I always sensed the name was a very special gift, and now I had an idea why. 

My new friend came back to me a couple weeks later with this story:  Her boiler went on the blink, and she had to call in the repairman.  He was a student of languages, and he talked to her while he worked, about an interesting aspect of the Greek language.  Their alphabet has two letter O's.  One is the Omicron and the other is the Omega, and, he told her, the meaning of a word changes depending on which letter is used.

Of all of the words he could have chosen as an example, she continued, he chose the word "orea!" (Coincidence? We both doubted it.)

Because the word "orea" is spelled with an Omega instead of an Omicron, he explained, it has an extra layer of meaning.  "It doesn't just mean 'beautiful', it means 'beautiful, close to the gods, with a touch of magic'."


This happened in 1999, and all these years later, I am still amazed and awed and humbled that the Dragon, whom I respect immensely, thought enough of me to give me a name like that.

But this gift goes even further.  Because I don't know Greek, and I got this psychically, BD gave me the gift of proof that what I was getting in my head all this time wasn't a figment of my imagination, but real and, in this case, verifiable. Whenever I get doubts, and I still do from time to time, I remember this gift, and the Dragon's love that gave me a name like that, and it helps. 

It's probably the best gift I've ever received. 

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  1. That is interesting. It's funny how some things in our life just fall into place where they need to be. I had a really bad situation happen to me when I was a little girl but over and over again it come back to provide me with important insight and empathy for other people in bad situations. If any of that makes sense. I have been shaped in a good way by a bad event.

  2. Cheryl, this makes perfect sense to me. I know I have learned a lot from some of the tough things I've experienced, and as you say, I have a better understanding of what some of my friends are going through, because of that. I was even glad for some of the health things I've gone through, when it gave me the background I needed to talk my daughter through something she was facing, help her prepare mentally, and reassure her about what it was like.

    I'm thinking these days that the more we harmonize with the love energy of the Universe, the more things "fall into place" - perhaps simply because we are now allowing them to. That's my working theory.