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Friday, April 22, 2011

More Thoughts on Carrots and Manure

 We would like to add a few more observations on this topic.

If, as we have read here before (in the blog entry of 3/29/11, Seeing God in All Things), God is everywhere, in everything, on what basis could we judge one thing better or holier than another?  Surely everything is valuable, everything is sacred from that point of view.  Surely everyone and everything intrinsically deserves respect.

And let's take it further.  If God is in everything, and God has a consciousness, don't the carrot and the manure then possess a consciousness of sorts?  Maybe not the same kind of consciousness you have, but one of their own, appropriate to the current role they are playing?

And how about this...suppose the carrot and the manure tire of their exploration of their roles and mutually decide they'd like to switch places?  The consciousness, not the object.  Or maybe the carrot and a nearby pebble strike up a (telepathic) conversation, and a switch is arranged.  Why not?  Must a carrot always be a carrot, and a rock, a rock?  Granted, their life spans vastly differ, but why not? Perhaps that rock wants to feel what it's like to stretch and grow and luxuriate in the warmth and nourishment of the sun.  Perhaps the carrot desires to lie still for a few millenia and let outside forces move it, or not.  And the manure, maybe it likes having bugs crawl through it, maybe that gets old after a while.

I think what we are trying to say is that the Universe, large and small, is more fluid than you might imagine.  But if it's all God, why not?  Who else makes the rules?  And doesn't the one who makes the rules, get to break them from time to time?

What we're talking about is the assumptions, the things we all take for granted as truth, so we never think to examine them.  The less you think you know, the more space there is within you for new and more accurate knowledge.

The stuff about the carrot and the rock switching places...we made it up.  Or did we?

Take a look at the world around you with new eyes and a higher understanding.  We think you'll find a lot to appreciate.

And know that there are no wrong answers.

This playground in which you exist is completely safe.  Suppose you get eaten, like the carrot, or spaded like the manure, it's all good, as you like to say these days.  What hurts you, is the resistance you feel and practice.

Orea: [Okay, I have to jump in here with a story of my own.  This reminds me of something that happened when I was in elementary school.  We had an assembly with Jungle Larry, who brought an assortment of interesting animals for us to see and learn about.  Halfway through the program, the sloth, who had been sleeping peacefully out in front of the podium, rolled over and fell off the stage!  It must have been a three or four foot drop.  At least, that's how I remember it.  Jungle Larry jumped down and scooped him up, then reassured us all that the sloth was just fine.  Because, he explained, the sloth remained completely relaxed and limp as he fell, he sustained no damage from his impact with the hard wooden floor.  Relaxation and nonresistance saved his furry hide, and the same apparently applies to us.]

In that very real sense, your resistance results in your injuring yourself.  When you trust, and attune yourself to the Universal Current, your highest good (and your greatest protection) become achievable.  When you give yourself up to the Divine Process with joy, with love and enthusiasm, new paths open before you, doors are unlocked, your way is smoothed.  Your life becomes an adventure in the best sense of the word, because even if you don't know exactly where you are going (and you don't need to), you know that it will be great!

Trust that the carrots and manure you find in your path are exactly as and where they are supposed to be, and strive to bless them for that.  Know that the apparent stumbling block is actually a stepping stone to where you need and want to go.  Your acknowledgment and anticipation allow it to be so.  It gets you out of the way of the blessing train so it can adhere to its schedule

Amazing, isn't it, what we can learn from carrots and manure.

Thank you for listening, We love and honor you.   Over and out.

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