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Sunday, April 24, 2011

The (Real) Meaning Of Easter

Easter Sunday, 2011

I woke up today, or more accurately,  I tried to wake up today but couldn't get my brain online.  Eventually, I realized maybe I was supposed to do a journey.  This being Easter,  for the topic, I asked, "What is the meaning of Easter?"  And, by the way, when I finished, my mind was functioning normally again.

Journey:  I see Jesus. standing with his arms outstretched.  He is wearing white robes, and he is radiating white light.  He is giving a benediction.  Open and accept his blessing, his love.  He kneels to embrace the children, and he pats the sheep and other animals to bless them, too.

What is the message of Easter?  It is that love conquers all.  Love transforms all.  The most powerful tool, or weapon, or force at our command is not the atom bomb, but love.

Love transforms.  Love builds.  Love connects.  Love enlightens.  Love heals.

The more you give yourself over to love, the more and faster beneficial changes will happen to you and to your life.

Love is the gentle bulldozer that clears the way, clears the way Home.

Jesus' crucifixion was not about suffering and sin.  It was about love.  Jesus loved his Lord so much that he gave his all when asked to.  We won't say he didn't wonder why.  We won't say he did it with a joyful heart, but that is exactly why his gift is so dear.  The easy, glib gestures cost less, and are valued accordingly.  A gift from the heart, that wrenches the soul, this is a gift of true magnificence.  

Jesus gave his all, his very life blood, simple because he was asked to.  He trusted that this was the highest and best course he could take...because God asked him to do it.  He was as wedded to his body as you are to yours.  What must it have cost him to agree?  What would it cost you?

And yet, we want to emphasize once again, this is not a story of sacrifice, though it is that.  This is a story of love and trust, of knowing your Lord and putting yourself so completely in His hands that there is nothing you would withhold from Him.

For God so loved the world, yes.  For Jesus so loved God that he went along with this seemingly crazy scheme!  And out of that love came a transformation which is still studied and pondered and re-told and worshiped all these years later.

Did it really happen?  What kind of idiot would make up such a story and spread it, knowing it sounded preposterous?  Would you, today?  Only if you knew it to be true, and maybe not even then.  Think about how many people have seen UFO's (for example) and said nothing for fear of ridicule?  Telling people you knew someone who rose from the dead is no less ridiculous.  Those disciples were really sticking their necks out.  (And they paid for it.)

Love transforms.  Great love transforms greatly.  Your salvation and that of the world lies in the transformative power of Love.

No faith, no religious practice has any true power unless it is based on, founded in, practices Love.  Love for yourself.  Love for your fellow beings, love for everything around you, love and appreciation for God and all Creation.

Love makes the rules null and void.  By "the rules," we mean the things you have been taught, where "A" always leads to "B".  If you get this disease, you will surely die.  Your mind is full of these false teachings and assumptions.  Keep an eye out for them, for once you start to recognize them for what they are, they start to lose their power over you.  You realize they are flimsy, written on thin paper that tears easily.

Love breeds forgiveness, and once forgiveness melts away the anger and the blockages, more healing and more transformation result.

It is not God's forgiveness of you that you have to seek, it is your forgiveness of everyone else.  It is not God's love of you that you have to seek, it is your love of God, of Man, of Creation, of everything else.

Look at your heart.  Feel how it changes when you consider different things.  Work on forgiveness and feel the difference it makes.  That, my dears, is the first step toward the transformation and enlightenment you seek.

Don't do it out of ambition, do it out of love.  Don't focus on results, because the love is "where it's all at."


Never mind the flaws you see.  They matter not, whether they are flaws in you, in others, in the political system, etc.

Love always.
Love anyway.

It's where your happiness and your fulfillment lie.  It's where your redemption lies.


As always, we love and bless you.  We behold the wonder of you.  One day, you will see it for yourself.

Many blessings to you this day.  This is where your transformation begins.

Image: watcharakun / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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