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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Highways of Consciousness

This is another topic from the list my left hand jotted down a few weeks ago.  I'm posting this message and "The Meaning of Easter" simultaneously because, received on consecutive days, they flow together and blend into a meaningful message beyond what they offer separately.
There are certain, well-trodden paths, trains of thought.  The more common ones are easier to find, and easier to stay on, at least at first.  This is partly because they are wider, partly because there is more company there, partly because the gratification is more immediate or obvious.  The popularity factor alone makes them almost a default for a person's particular culture and time.

These are obvious choices, but there are others, less distinct, less well-traveled, harder to make out and less well advertised.  You may have to search to find them.  You may have to look deeper than the surface.

The easiest way to find these alternative paths, is to have a longing in your heart, a question in your mind, a restlessness in your soul, a sense that there is more out  there for you.  You may feel an emptiness that calls to be filled.

Whatever it is that starts you on your journey, congratulations!  You are on your way to an attainment few aspire to, and fewer achieve.  But know this, your path to enlightenment is out there.  And it is within you, as well.  And while it is not as well-traveled as the common paths, it is well marked when you know what to look for.

Many, many wise and wonderful beings have traveled this road and left their markers and their perfume behind for you to follow.  By their extraordinary beings, being their extraordinary selves, carrying extraordinary energy and power, they have clearly marked the way.   The energy, the markings, however, are more subtle, harder to discern at first.

But when you catch a whiff -- your first whiff -- your being will alert like a hunting dog at point.  Your being will come alive and quiver with excitement.  Why?  Because this is a highway that is dearly familiar, even if long forgotten.  And, once you get that little taste, that little smell, reminders go off, and a slumbering part of your brain awakens.  You are on your way whether you realize it, or not.

These different tracks your mind can take, alter the course of your life, this one and the ones to come, for the journey is a long one.  Ultimately, you re-learn to to do and be.

Until you are ready to look beyond the common highways of consciousness, you will be as you are, distracted by the unimportant, and content therein.

What is the spark that starts the process?  It is different for everyone.  What is the timeline? Ditto.  But ultimately everyone will feel the itch, will look around for more, will tire of the scenery that once enthralled them, and will search for a new highway to explore.  It will happen.  It will happen in God's good time.  Not yours.  It can't be pushed, it can't be forced.  Each person must choose the highway that feels best to them at any given time.  And each person has the right to jump over to a new one at will, when the time is ripe for them.  No amount of coercion or pressure or lies can stop this from happening.

When that time arrives, it is a beautiful thing to watch, from our perspective.  It really is like seeing a light turn on inside of them. 

You, who are reading this now, are probably well on your way to finding and traveling your path Home.  How far do you have to go?  Does it matter?  From our point of view, it does not.  As soon as you turn your face homeward, you are there.  You may not know it yet, but you are there.  Your ETA (estimated time of arrival) and estimated distance may vary widely.

We say, enjoy the journey.  Worry not about getting "there."  There is no "there."  There is only you, and God, and Now.  There is the Golden Road, the Highway of Riches, the journey that is your destination.  You cannot get lost.  You will not perish. 

You may pray, "Dear God, show me the way Home."  And know that you are heard, and that the Highway is yours.

We love and bless you and welcome you Home.

Thank you for listening.  We bid you goodbye.

Image: dan / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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