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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Carrots and Manure

Topic from my left hand, one of the list I got when I asked for more topics a few weeks ago.   I admit I approached this one with trepidation.  

Journey:  I'm swinging through the trees on a vine.  I feel more like a monkey or an ape than Tarzan.  It's fun.  I like being hairy and feeling my fur ruffle in the breeze as I swing about. 

I see trees dropping leaves, palm fronds and the like.  They are still green.  The trees let go easily and naturally, and without fear, regret, or resentment.  The leaves/fronds don't mind, either.  They float down easily and naturally, without fear or sorrow.  It makes us, with our angst and thrashing about, look silly, very silly.  

The trees and the leaves accept and embrace the Divine Flow and the changes it brings.  They trust the process.  They know it is never the end, merely a continuation in a new form.  

And so it is with carrots and manure.  The manure feeds the carrot, the carrot feeds whoever eats it, which in turn produces...more manure!  And so the cycle goes on.  

Which is better, the carrot or the manure?  It depends, I suppose, on what you want to do with it!  But you know that the answer is, neither.  Neither one is superior, neither one is more important.  Both are  necessary for the process to continue.  And, if the carrot becomes the manure, and the manure becomes the carrot, are they not fundamentally the same? Equal?  Though one may smell better.
Image: Simon Howden / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

So where do we go from here?  To the concept of non-judgment.  Just as it is not for us to say the carrot is more important or better than the manure, can we place relative value on people, on ideas, on religions?

 Actually, we can.  Why?  Because we have differing needs, just as the  farmer does, as the bunny does, as the cow does, as the soil does.  Each of us must, in our minds, decide what we most want and need.  These priorities are the product of our own minds.  We make our own choices among many things, and that is good, but it is also wise to remember at the same time that your carrot may be another's manure, and that both value assessments are correct.

It is not for you to tell everyone that carrots are the best, and they had better avoid the manure if they know what's good for them.  You know, it's really not your business.  Only your business is your business.  They may be allergic to carrots, and enjoy gardening or throwing cow pies!

Make your choices, allow them theirs, and God bless all of you.  That is the sum total of your business.

We bless you and thank you for stopping by.

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