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Thursday, April 14, 2011

On Anger

It doesn't happen often, but something made me angry this week.  Or should I say, someone.  I got the urge to do a journey about anger to see what I could learn from this. 

I am clipping the part I got about the person involved because I don't think it is necessary or appropriate to include it, but I will start a bit before the topic of anger was directly addressed, because this part is interesting, too.

First, they helped me release it:

I'm on some other planet.  Beings are here with me, though I can't tell what they look like.  They and I are looking at each other, and jumping up and down.  A form of communication? The jumping energy is filling me, and it feels really good.

Before long, I feel like laughing as we continue to jump.   The jumping is healing for me, somehow.

Also, it is a form of dance.  Oh, we are dancing together!  This jumping/dancing is a good way to circulate qi, remove blockages.  (No wonder a trampoline is so much fun.)

Okay, now on to anger:

An upsurge of anger cam move qi, too.  It is honest, heartfelt feeling, an appropriate response to the stimulus.  Anger can be a good thing if it wakes you up, gets you out of your complacent rut, inspires you to take action about something that needs to be addressed.  Anger can bring an upswell of energy that can be harnessed for productive uses.  Anger should be used while it is fresh, for it quickly goes bad when held and stored.

Long-held anger is very corrosive, very damaging.  Long term anger can settle like a black, malignant lump in your being, sullenly pouring out poison to the detriment of the whole being that harbors it.  No part will be untouched, unscathed, undamaged.

One of the greatest ills of mankind -- humankind -- is the habit of long-held angers by large groups over multiple generations. And most of them don't know that they are hurting themselves and the ones they love, the most.  Sad, isn't it.  They mean well, they think they are in the right, but really none of that matters.  Holding anger, holding grudges, will always hurt the one who harbors it, the most.

And, it causes huge blind spots, wherein the victim cannot see their own flaws and mistakes in their true light.  Anger creates shadows where culpability hides in their mind.  Anger can be used to justify behavior and actions that are simply unacceptable and obviously wrong, in any other light.

Unless your anger-inspired actions are positive and constructive ones, don't let them happen!  The result is always further destruction, devolution, damage on a scale far greater than you might at first imagine.   Anger is a sword that has far more than two edges, and it always cuts the holder as well as the recipient thereof.

When you get angry and act out in anger, you are always one of your own victims, and you are always the one who sustains the most damage.

And we don't want you hurt, even if you do it to yourself.

We bless you this day and thank you for listening.
(32 minutes)
Image: Danilo Rizzuti / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Image: photostock / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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  1. Insightful post!! Enjoy your take on how anger in any form is not benefical, either it harms ourselves or others. Unfortunately I have a habit of storing my pent up feelings inside and while I know it's not healthy, I'd rather do that than hurt others feelings. Take care!!