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Saturday, March 12, 2011

The Right Hand-Left Hand Technique

My sister shared this with me recently. It's remarkably quick to do, and effective. The results can be surprising, if not downright startling. But, I hasten to add, they have never failed to be valuable, so far.

It's this simple. You have a question or topic you want to explore. Write it on a piece of paper, using your dominant hand, the one you usually wrote with. Then, switch hands and let your other hand write the answer. It isn't easy, but something about this process (it keeps part of your mind busy) allows a different part of you to answer. You will probably hear words in your head and attempt to write them.

Once I hear enough to get the gist of it, I usually switch hands back, just for speed and efficiency. Sometimes I switch back and forth more than once if I need to.

I'm sharing this for two reasons. 1) So you can give it a try yourself. 2) It occurred to me that it would be interesting and possibly useful to use this technique to help me figure out what to journey on or about, instead of just going with no goal in mind. I wanted you to understand this so that when you see me use it, you'll know what is going on.

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