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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Journey: Inner Strength and Power


I used the right hand/left hand question/answer technique to get a topic or purpose for the next journey.

Right hand: Q: Can you tell me what I should journey on, or about, next?

Left hand: A: Yes.

Q: What?
A: Inner strength and power. The nature of true power.

(That’s one I wouldn’t have thought of on my own.)

Double Drumming.

An eagle flies in to carry me away. I spread my arms, sprout feathers, and fly with them. We soar, circle the planet, and take off, out into space through a barrier of sorts. I feel a soft resistance, that is all. Escape velocity? We are flying among the stars.

“No limitations. Leave your (earthbound) limitations behind.”

My body expands.

You can expand to any circumstance you face, to an challenge you accept – that you choose to accept.

Dance. Dance your power as a means of expression, celebration, cultivation. Dance among the stars. Call in companions and compatriots to join your dance.

Souls come to join me/us.

I can hear singing, a Native American type song. I learn the melody and join the singing, with a low, masculine sounding voice.

“Don’t be limited by gender assignments. You are all, and all-inclusive. Take it all in, literally. Breathe in the Universe. Practice until you can hold it all. Breathe in pine trees, sky clouds, creatures – all become part of you.

“Become anything you want to be. Feel it within you, then forcing its way out of your pores. Become the elements.”

Q: What is true power?
A: True power is what you can assimilate and express. All is within your grasp.

I become the Thunderbird, whirling and twirling, feeling the power moving from within me, outward through my pores.

(When I looked up the Thunderbird in Wikipedia, it said, "The Thunderbird is a legendary creature in certain North American indigenous peoples' history and culture. It's considered a "supernatural" bird of power and strength." Perfectly appropriate.)

“More often is better.” (to journey and do this)

I plunge downward, back into my body. 17:53

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