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Saturday, March 12, 2011

More on Tendrils and Receiving Nurturing

Image: Simon Howden / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Journey to learn more about tendrils and receiving nurturing from the Divine.

Earth opened up into a sinkhole and I fell and landed in a dark place. Bats. They picked me up and flew off with me. (I was thinking while they flew, that I’d make a phone call when this was over.)

Stay in the Now. Pay attention to the journey! Surrender to the process.

We continue to fly. I sense, but cannot really see, outstretched arms before us, reaching out toward me in welcome.

I am embraced. I feel the huge hand rubbing the back of my neck where the tension lies.

Breathe deeply.
Let the tension roll out, and drain out of you.

But sit up straight!

Let it all drop away. Hold onto nothing.

Feel yourself expand. As you expand, being held in my arms, you merge with Me.

The more you let go of, the bigger you become. The Divine Paradox.

Feel yourself expand. Release all worries. Discard all questions. (The example that popped into my head: When am I going to die?)

Release your pain.
Release your imbalances.
Release muscle tension.
Release, release, release.

As your being expands, there are more spaces, larger spaces in between the units of your being, for which God to fill. (Note: I didn’t like this wording, but he/they were insistent.)

Fill with what? All kinds of blessings, many and varied. Think of a Christmas stocking with many delights and surprises.

Relax, open, and know that this is happening – completely without effort on your part. You allow the space, that is all.

Practice this. Come to my arms and practice this. Knowing you are completely safe.

I see a ring of dancing beings around us.

(I get a hug before I leave.)

See, it isn’t really about tendrils at all.

A string attached at the nape of my neck pulls me up and back into my body. 23 minutes

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