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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Know That You Don't Know

Let go of everything you think you know about the nature of Reality, for none of it is true.  None of it!  The closer you get to knowing that you know not, the closer you are to true wisdom.

To put it plainly, the more you think you know, the further off course you are and the further you are from the truth.

Coming from this place with the upbringing and education you received, you simply don't have the necessary background of information, nor the open attitude, most likely, to access the bottom-line truth about the real nature of your reality, and the Reality behind that.

For now, know that this is really a sub-reality, if you will.  It was created by and with a higher Intention.  And know that it has served its purpose admirably.  But its time has nearly run its course, and change is imminent.

The more tightly you hand on to things as they are, the more you resist the forces of change, the more this will feel like pain to you.

The forces of change have never been something you can successfully fight.  Never!

Enjoy your Now, but enjoy it with a loose grasp, and a heart that is open to letting go and moving on.  Don't clutch it with a death grip, because you are the one who will get bruised.

Enjoy today, and trust the Universe a beautiful tomorrow, full of generous gifts and wonderful surprises.

Trust.  Trust and enjoy.  That is our best advice for you.  For, whatever is ending, there is something better, far better, on the way to you.

For now, receive our love and blessings.



  1. i truly enjoy your blogs. Your writing and wisdom is clear and relevant for me. Thank you. I've tried to comment before, but couldn't figure out the right account to use, hope this one works

  2. Trust is a big theme for me of late... Hope all is well with you. It's been a while. ;-)

  3. Thank you both for your comments. A lot has been going on in my life, that crowded out this blog.

    Things are getting back on track now, and I will make every effort to connect and continue the blog as well as I can. The thing is, if they don't talk, I can't post. Arm twisting does not apply.

    Sandra, I apologize for the delay in publishing your comment. I hope you remember what you did, because it worked!

    I finally have a new post to type up. I'm hoping this means we are back to business as usual.