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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

It's Contagious

Your prevailing attitude soaks into the places where you spend a lot of time.  You don't have to intend for this to happen.  You don't have to be aware that it is happening.  It just does.  In fact, chances are you won't even notice the difference because the energy you are putting out there is the energy you marinate in, yourself.

You are effecting your surroundings in a (semi) permanent way.  The more time you spend there, and the more powerful your vibe, the more powerful and permanent your effect.  Think about it.

These locations can and do affect those who pass that way.  The energy imbued into such an area is contagious.  You can catch it and carry it with you and spread it.

You know you have felt this in your own travels.

If someone is depressed, anguished, hopeless, angry, or just negative, that energy permeates their home, their car, their place of business, etc.  Family, friends, coworkers, even casual passers-by can be affected, dragged down, feel their day darken and never even know why it happened.  Especially if they aren't paying attention or aren't used to noticing the energy around them.

Hopefully, they are affected in only a small way, but that depends on how resilient they are and how strongly they are anchored in their own energy level. Some people won't be affected at all.  Still fewer may be able to counteract it and leave that place a little better than when they arrived.

Too many, however, are much more vulnerable to the prevailing winds of the energy around them.  They are buffeted about quite a bit.  Why?  Because they are less well-grounded, and/or less sure of who they are.

Perhaps they believe they have no control over their thoughts and emotions.  Consequently, they make no attempt to choose and set their their own positive happiness/gratitude/joy level.  It is a powerful tool that too few acknowledge and use on an intentional basis.

On the other hand, the person who chooses to live in a state of happiness, gratitude, love, joy and connection to the Divine carries a strong, positive energy which leaves its own delightful imprint on their environs.  It uplifts and cheers those who are exposed to it or to them.  It raises their spirits, literally.  It can calm and center them.  It can lighten their attitude, their step, and even their expectations.

So you see, just by choosing the path of Light and Love, you help others, even if you never meet them personally.  Your perfume lingers on, even after you have moved on.  And you help the planet by consecrating the ground on which you stand.  You bless the trees and shrubs and more by your presence in their midst.

Consider this a part of your service to the Divine, and to all of your fellow sentient beings, rocks included.  Decide today to serve this way, and you will be a blessing to all, every day of your life.

We love and bless you, always.


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