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Sunday, January 15, 2012

The First Lesson

A friend and I were recently taken to spend some time with a group of teachers and masters somewhere out there. I didn't ask for names because names don't matter a lot to me. I watch the energy, and theirs was nice, indeed. We both felt like we were floating, very peacefully, on the way there, and while we were with them.

I want to share part of what they told us. In many ways, it's nothing new, but I like how they put it all together.

They speak:

Namaste. Be at Peace.

Let your breath be gentle and slow.

(Long, quiet pause. Our energy and theirs seems to be intermingling. A form of communication without words?)

They continue:

Know in your heart and in the deepest recesses of your being that All is Well. This includes mishaps at work, and health concerns, current events and all manner of situations. It's all good, and all is well.

This is the first and most important lesson for you to learn. By realizing all is well, you stop resistance. And when you stop resisting, energy flows more freely through you, around you, and in your entire universe.

And how can it all be less than Good, when it is all God? How can anything be less than Perfect, when it all falls from the hands of the Creator?

 Your non-resistance allows the maximum potential to be manifested. It allows the straightest pathway to form, the shortest pathway to come into existence. The road becomes easier, quicker, pleasanter. Your seeming burdens become lighter, and pretty soon you'll realize that they were never there at all.

Float, as the Dragon said. (This refers to what the Black Dragon told me years ago.) Float and let the current carry you, for energy, like water, always follows the channel of least resistance. And so we had you float on the way here, so that you could experience the deep peace of nonresistance.

Do your best, Beloveds, to hold this deep inner peace. Be the loose rubber band, the slack clothesline. Remember to breathe slowly and gently. And to let things be, just as they are. Don't fight them, don't try to change them except by loving them and perceiving their perfection.

As we behold your perfection now. See how our beholding of your perfection makes it easier for you to become and embody that state.

So it is as you perceive the perfection of your world and your universe, and all that's in it.

This thought form and this vision are the crux of your work, Beloveds.  It's an easy, gentle process.

When you know this truth deep in your hearts, when you behold the rightness and perfection in the depths of your soul, there is no cause for worry. There is no cause for fear. There is cause only for you to marvel, to enjoy the beauty of Creation, and to celebrate it.

There, in the depths of your Peace, is the perfect Pearl of Creation, glowing and unmarred by a flaw of any kind. And you, Beloveds, and all of your kind on Earth are a part of this unmarred substance, this Perfect Pearl. No one is exempt from this.

So what is there to judge, and what is there to fault?

Once you know the true nature, the unblemished beauty, what is there to fault? What is there to resist?

What is there to not embrace?

We encourage you to think about this, because it is important.

Be at Peace, Beloveds, and know that even if you do find fault, it's still perfect. Don't even try to understand that. it's far beyond the logic that the human mind can grasp.

The level of pure, attainable perfection is rising, and will continue to do so. Floating is how you stay on top, at the surface. Resistance is how you sink.

This is enough for one lesson. Be at Peace, Go in Peace. Consider what we've said. Namaste.

(Oh, and by the way, I haven't felt the same since I got back. The peace and deep calm are still there.  They must pack a wallop, but a very gentle one.) 

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