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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Wonders of Simple Kindness

Kindness works wonders.  Literally.  It can change a life, just through a simple, heartfelt gesture.

Think back on the events of your life, and see how the acts of kindness you received stand out in your mind.  What a powerful impression they made!

The act that seems small to you, the giver, may be huge to the recipient.  The good thing you forgot doing long ago may live on for decades in the mind of your beneficiary.

More than that, your act of kindness can color that person's view of the world, and the nature and character of life's reality.  Which, in turn, can change the very way they meet and greet the world at large.  Which alters the way everyone responds to them, in return.

Positive thinking and kindnesses have a way of feeding each other, and growing.  In that way, the small seed of your kind and thoughtful act can mature into a rich harvest of blessings whose potential for good is unknowable.

As Johnny Appleseed spread his particular form of blessing, so you can be the planter of your own seeds of goodness and caring.  Let your path through life be marked by the blossoms of goodness and light that spring up in your wake, as Johnny's trees did, in his.

Unlike Johnny, you will probably never know the exact form and extent of the rich legacy you leave behind, starting with this very simple choice to practice caring and kindness.  Make the decision to be a gardner of the souls around you, and let your garden be every heart you have the opportunity to touch, one way or another.

We love and bless you this day.


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  1. Great post. A lady stopped by a hungry man and told him she would pray for him. The man told her to keep her prayers and give him something to eat. I never forgot that story. Sharing and caring, so important. Thank you.