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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Dream the Right Dreams

I had an interesting dream last night.  It was very much like a movie, but I was in it.  At one point, Doris Day climbed onto a wagon or a rock or something, and started singing a song that started, "You have to learn to dream the right dreams."  I wish I could remember the rest of it.

That sentence felt so significant, I wrote it down as soon as I surfaced.  But it also started me thinking, what did it mean, and why does it matter?  So I decided to turn it over to my guides and see what they had to say about it.  The answer follows.  - Orea

Dream the Right Dreams

What does it mean to dream the right dreams?  Why would it be important?

It is important, Beloveds. Let's start with that, first.  Let there be no doubt about it: The quality and content of your dreams does matter.  

In many ways, your dreams are your most authentic expression of who you are, and they hold the key to who and what you long to become.  Notice, please, that we used the word, "long," not "want." 

Let your dreams portray your deepest and most intensely felt desires, not pallid wants, but passionate, fiercely held goals, the thought of which sends you up in flames. 

What do you burn for?  This may be the most important question of your existence.  What is the most important thing to you? What would bring you not only fulfillment, but also give meaning to your very existence?  

These, Beloveds, are the dreams that really matter, the ones that make a difference, not just to you, but to your world.  

Where your flame lies, there lies your power, your true, divinely based, personal power, the power that carries your inimitable stamp of individuality.  

Your longing, your personal vision that brings it forward, is a message from your soul.  It may be the most significant message of your lifetime, for it tells you more about your direction and your life's purpose than almost anything else.  

When it excites you and inspires you, you know that you are dreaming the right dream.  If its scope is just a little bit scary, good!  This means there is room for you to grow.  And that excites us and causes a flame to leap in our hearts.  For, growing you is one of our dreams.  (smile) 

Dream wonderful dreams, and offer them up to the Divine.  This is one of the best gifts you can give your Creator.  

And when you dream and visualize, and work toward your dream with passion and dedication, the Universe hears you and takes note.  And so the process begins, of making those dreams come true.  Know this to be the truth.  

We love and bless you this day. 


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