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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Stand In The Sunshine

Many of you are seeing a lot of changes in your life and in the world around you.  You may find it stressful, or threatening, or even scary.

We are here to remind you that you have a choice, most of the time: You can step into the shadows, or stand boldly in the sunshine and soak it in.

This is a picturesque way of reminding you that you have control over your take on things.  You and only you have the final say over your choice of attitude about life and its events.

We want to know why on earth you would choose to lurk in the dank shade of your own negativity?  Why would you choose to stand in the darkness?  Do you really prefer to look at what's wrong instead of what's right?  How can that make you happy?  If you are concerned about what's wrong, why not turn to looking at what you can do about it to make it better?  Wouldn't that feel better to you, as well?

Remember, please, that there are always things that you can be grateful for: the many beauties of the earth, the good and kind and honest people on it, your last meal, the sweet taste of clean water, the antics of puppies and kittens and small people.

Don't give way to anger when you can choose compassion instead. Don't judge when you don't know the whole story.  And you never do know the whole story.  It's not your place and it's not your job.

What is your job? To recognize and celebrate the joy of Creation, to thank God for all of the gifts so generously given to us every day, to marvel at the wonderful engineering of your human body.

How do you see, really?  Isn't your opposable thumb wonderfully useful?  How on earth did you learn to balance on those feet of yours and propel yourself around in only a year, more or less?  Amazing!

Don't take it all for granted, Beloveds.  Miracles and marvels surround you at every turn.  Come out into the sunshine and make the most of your time here.  There is so much to enjoy.  Just make the choice to do so.

We love and bless you this day.


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