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Monday, October 3, 2011

The Sacred Truth

There are a lot of things you think are true, but they really aren't.  There are many things you take for granted as "facts of life" that are not only not true facts, but are completely negotiable.

Our telling you everything here and now, which would seem to be a really great shortcut, not only wouldn't be of help to you, but would be counterproductive in that you would flatly disbelieve what you hear.  This is knowledge that you have to come by yourself, under your own power, at the right time.  Only then will this new understanding become a part of you.

Why, then, are we telling you this, since we cannot successfully feed you the answers and information?  Because we can give you this hint, this filter to apply as you go: Ask, preferably aloud, "Is this the Sacred Truth?"  Then stop, and pay attention.

You may get a physical sensation, or a thought, or a sign of some sort, or just a hunch or an inkling.  Respect it.  It may take you some time and practice if you aren't used to doing this, but you will learn to recognize your own particular answer.  Some people call it getting a red light/green light feeling in their gut.  Yours may take the form of a soft breeze or a prickling sensation somewhere in your body.  Pay attention, and look for a pattern.

But, answers notwithstanding, know that the very act of voicing this question is a powerful one.  It tells the Universe that you are now seeking a higher Truth, that you desire to move forward on your path, that you are ready to stand in your power and take a higher responsibility for your life, and in your actions.

This is powerful stuff, indeed, for the Universe  will hear your intent and respond in kind with openings and opportunities for you to blossom into a new fullness of being.

All by asking a single, potent question.

"Is this the Sacred Truth?"

You may be surprised by some of the answers.

We love and bless you this day, as always.


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  1. It is true that myth and lies become embedded in our lives and thought. Clearing the cobwebs takes time but is oh so worth it. Namaste.