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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Ignite Your Eternal Fire

Ignite your eternal fire.  To do so, you must choose the right fuel.  All too many choices burn brightly for a short while, but don't last long, not close to eternity.

What is your eternal fire, and how do you ignite it?  What is this fuel that will burn brightly, illuminate your life, and burn forever?  You probably have a good idea of what it is not!

The Eternal Fire is that joyous God-Self within you.  The Eternal Flame you seek is the love of God and all Creation.  This source of inspiration will never dry up, never cease.  Everywhere you turn is something else, something new to gaze on with awe and appreciation, beholding the wonder of God in its many facets.

And in this recognition lies your fuel.  The celebration of what you behold is your flame.  When you share this joy with another like-minded soul, your inner flames leap with joy to ever-new heights.

This is the place you seek, the source of the joyous, connected heart that never goes dry.  This is the place of completion you've always known was there...somewhere.  This is your Promised Land.

This is your Home, the place from which you came, and the place to which you will gladly return.  It has always been just that close, Beloveds.  The answer has always been that simple.

Hold this place of Joy in your heart and your memory, for this, your ultimate destination, is close at hand, closer than you ever dreamed possible.  When you light the flame and tend it well, all else will fall into place.

And you will know completion.

We love and bless you this day.


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