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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Go Easy On Yourself

Good morning.  (It was actually afternoon here.)

Every day doesn't have to be filled with inspiration to be a good day.  Every moment of your life won't feel transcendental, though a lot of them can.

Sometimes, you won't even want the distraction when you are taking care of business, though, again, you  can do so from the higher and more joy-filled vantage point.   But we do know that some aspects of life on Earth will tend to drag you down a bit.  Don't fight it, don't resist, just rebound and allow yourself to float upward as soon as you can.

Don't hold some artificial or imaginary ideal of how you should be.  (Perfectly wonderful!) Don't let thoughts like that mess with your head and lead you to self-criticism and negativity.  Bashing yourself will not help!  It's just placing more obstacles in your path.

Try to love yourself, and to understand that you are doing your best at any given time.  Give yourself the space you need to be exactly who you are.  That is probably the greatest gift you can give yourself, for it allows you the space to grow, unhindered, and the room to receive Universal guidance that will ease your growing pains.

Be good to yourself in the same way that you would be good to God, if He came visiting.  You are that precious and that special.  You deserve that much care and consideration.

So, don't set your sights too high.  All you can do, and need to do, is take one step at a time, place one foot in front of the other.  The rest can take care of itself in its own time.

Relax.  Go easy on yourself, and go with the Flow.  You'll actually accomplish more that way than if you force things.

We love and bless you this day in your Perfect Imperfection.


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  1. Thanks for the reminder... We all need to have compassion for ourselves for sure. :-)