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Thursday, September 1, 2011

See What You Can Do Today

Focus on your gratitudes.  There is so much to appreciate in life, so many things to focus on and be grateful for. 

How about the amazing variety of foodstuffs available to you now?  And how relatively easy they are to come by.  The choices you have, of what to wear.  Given any body part to clothe, you name it, there are numerous options. 

Do you want a pet?  Feathered, furred, scaly, amphibian?  Insect or arachnid?  Do you want some music?  We defy you to list all of the possibilities there. 

This is truly an era of choices, the greatest number in your recorded history. 

And yet, you lack.  You lack insight.  You lack perspective.  You lack a sense of wonder.  And many of you lack any sense of humility, for you lack the accompanying comprehension of true greatness and what it means. 

Many of you have no knowledge of the truly great who have walked among you.  Even if you have heard their names, you don't know what made them truly great, and why what they did was so remarkable. 

You have so much, and yet, so little.  So much of what seemingly satisfies you is ersatz material, cheap substitutes for the real and substantial. 

What is real and of lasting value?  What seems important today, but will be forgotten tomorrow, or next year?  What legacy can you leave when it's time to go?  Is there any gift you can leave behind?  Something to enrich the world somehow, in some small way?

Your acts of love and kindness are your legacy.  Your acts of sharing knowledge and understanding.  Your encouragement of another's success and achievement.  You don't have to be rich to leave these behind, just rich in spirit. 

These are the building blocks to a better tomorrow.  See what you can do, today.  The person you enrich may be closer to you than you think.  (smile)

We love and bless you, today and always. 


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