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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

You Are So Much More

Your soul has been many places, many times.  You really are quite the intrepid adventurer! 

You wouldn't need to study history if you could remember everywhere you have been.  In fact, you could teach it with more detail and veracity than is currently possible with your very limited recorded knowledge of what happened here. 

Your predecessors weren't all imbeciles.  It took brains to stay alive, the same brains that many of you currently aren't doing very much with, today.  (wink)  The same brains that confuse technological advances with intelligent sophistication.  Wrong again!  

There have been societies far more advanced in so many ways.  They would laugh to see your primitive modes of transportation, of which you are so proud.  Much of your "science fiction" is based on vague memories of other times, embellished, of course, and often put together incorrectly. 

Why are we talking about this?  To remind you that you are so much more than you think you are.  Your thought forms took on the limited views of your parents and your society at large.  You took on beliefs and boundaries that are only true to the extent that you make them that way, beliefs that you take for granted because everyone else does. 

Which leads to the question, what do you believe that actually is true?  If you are a part of the contemporary social fabric, not a whole lot. 

What can you do about it?  How can you learn better?  By learning to listen to, and trust the sacred voice within you.  It's not a switch you pull, but a journey to be embarked upon, a skill to be practiced. 

This voice can be the tool of redemption, the guide to your way Home, the knowledge and wisdom that can save your earthly life, or simply make it worth living. 

It speaks softly, this little voice, but practice listening and trying to discern it.  Give it the benefit of the doubt for a while and see where it goes, where it takes you. 

Your life may never be the same again, and we mean that in a good, and exciting, and rewarding way.  As the commercial said, "Try it, you'll like it!" 

We do. 

We love and bless you this day.  Intend to receive and it is yours. 



  1. Excellent post... How are you doing? :-)

  2. Thanks you!

    I'm doing well, thanks. Busy. I have several projects in the works, or about to start. My daughter and I have been interviewing fairies, elves, gnomes, and the like. It's extremely interesting work. I now have a leprechaun giving me dietary advice!

    The hurricane took some time and energy, too. It took me a few days to recover from a night with little sleep and a lot of energy work going.

    My guides won't work with me when I'm too tired. There may be other reasons, too. Today, they told me to go play games! I don't know why.

    We'll see what they say tomorrow. I offer my services to them nearly every day. It's up to them to accept or not.

    Sometimes they just want an article to sink in longer.