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Friday, August 5, 2011

Some Thoughts on Abundance

Universal abundance is just that: Abundant. 

No matter how things look, how apparent scarcity seems to be, the fact is that an abundant flow of what you want and need is always available to you.  The answer to your needs may not come in the form you expect, so keep your expectations and your attention high and flexible.  Be alert to the possibilities that come your way. 

The Universe has its own way of doing things, and it's possible to miss the boat sometimes if you are waiting for a check when a "boat" appears instead. 

Don't be afraid to wish and dream, but don't make your happiness contingent on it. 

We all- God, the Universe, us - want you to be happy and well cared for.  We want you to be spoiled!   In the best sense of the word.  Maybe "pampered" would suit better.

But don't confuse the things you want and enjoy with the ultimate source of your happiness.  Enjoy your "boat," but never forget it's all a gift from the Divine, because you are so very much adored. 

Enjoy the free things, breathing, sunshine the wonders of nature, and take care of the tings you do have now, including yourself and your body.  This is a way of signaling to the Universe that you are ready for more.  Because, remember, the more things you have, the more you have to take care of.  That's the tradeoff involved.  More stuff = More maintenance.  One of the attractions of choosing simplicity. (smile)

But, simplicity isn't right for everyone.  And, neither is grand abundance.  Give some thought to that as you consider what you really want. 

And another thought concerning scarcity:  Whatever it is you are looking for, a job, a spouse...chances are you only need one. (wink) 

Does that sound so hard to find?  Just one good one.  Just one right fit.  That's all the abundance you really need, and the Universe can supply that without a qualm or a difficulty. 

The important things, like love and friendship, are available in quantity.  Just ask. 

We offer you ours this day:  Love and Friendship.  Help yourself.  Enjoy. 

We will, and we do. 



  1. It's interesting how the universe answers our requests. There are so many cases I can recount here where I asked for one thing and received EXACTLY what I asked for and when I received it thought:
    No! That's NOT what I asked for.

    After considering my request for awhile however, I realized that I DID get EXACTLY what I asked for. You know that old saying:
    Be careful what you wish for because you JUST may get it? Well, it's happened to me more times then I can count.

    Funny how the universe gives us EXACTLY what we ask for.

  2. I really like what Mike Dooley suggests: Instead of asking for a specific thing, focus instead on how you want to feel. Imagine how you think you'll feel when you get whatever it is. Will you be happy? Content? Secure? Triumphant? That's the real end result you want. and the Universe may have a better idea about how to get you there.

    It fits in well with the phrase my sister taught me years ago: "This, or something better, Lord!"

  3. The universe does provide us with our needs if we believe and stay faithful... Every day, I see the grace of abundance in simple things and more, and for that I am grateful... This is a lovely post.